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Management Challenges For The 21st Century Uah Mgmt346 Essay

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Peter F. Drucker, in his new book, Management Challenges for the 21st Century, provides a different perception and ideals for organizations and individuals that strives for success. He analyzes the challenges that will be a major concern towards society and business and describes how changing an organization’s structure or improving an individual knowledge worker may help deal with them. He also had the idea that there is only one correct organizational structure for each situation. There are many points that concern the major assumptions, new certainties and changing being a norm. Drucker believes organizations and the individual knowledge workers need to take action and make changes accordingly to survive. Drucker’s way of life revolves around seeing things in a different point of view, advancement of methods, and making continuous changes to be prepared for the future. The importance of knowledge workers is huge in the aspect of management. Workers demand that management give as much information about the work environment and tasks at hand so that they can conduct a better job. The better informed both the workers and management is about the job, the quicker they can solve the problems that they will face in the future and the obstacles they can defeat. These workers also need this information so that the organization can be successful creating benefits for them. The needs of these workers are required by management to help a successful work environment.
According to Drucker, there is an important difference between a natural science and a social discipline. A natural science deals with the behavior of objects, while a social discipline such as management deals with the behavior of people and human institutions. “The social universe has no natural laws of this kind. It is thus subject to continuous change; and this means that assumptions that were valid yesterday can become invalid and, indeed, totally misleading in no time at all.” Drucker’s analysis of the assumptions shows that the assumptions are bound to change. They can’t remain the same and keep up with our current time. Drucker reviews the two sets of assumptions regarding the realities of management. One set of assumptions consists of 3 assumptions that underlie the discipline of management. Another set of assumption consists of 4 assumptions that underlie the practice of management.
According to Drucker, most of the assumptions proved to useful until the early 1980s, but they are now all outdated “they are now so far removed from actual reality that they are becoming obstacles to the Theory and even more serious obstacles to the Practice of Management. Indeed, reality is fast becoming the very opposite of what these assumptions claim it to be.” Therefore, Drucker believes the 7 assumptions are considered obsolete and 8 new assumptions are needed for the 21st century. The 8 new assumptions are important for viewing the roles of individuals and management in both profit and...

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