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The world has organizations with different sizes and types but with one goal, to grow. With a growing attitude every organization develop and occupies certain positions as there grow number of competitors arise. Many of the competitors fail to stay in the market for different reasons. As the organizations grow with a learning motive they actually don’t bother the failures of others and learn from it. Most of the time there is strategic persistency on several works and projects of a company knowing it is not benefitting the company more. The result could be worse for the organization but still they are persistent with the process.

The reason behind this continual attitude can come from different perspective. Mainly When considering a organization there is no chance that any kind of decision are taken by one person it’s a process but importantly decisions are taken by the top management team. So, for different possibilities the management team stuck with the same thing despite that a wrong thing could happen.(Ingram & Bradwaj 1998)

From the possibilities persisting with same strategy depends on certain elements. To be bias on having success all the time is the main reason. Such as:

· Anxiety of failure
Disappointment can trigger a downpour of agonizing feelings— outrage, hurt, even discouragement and disgrace. For this reason we dodge mistakes but when they occurs people try to hide them. This characteristic inclination is elevated in organizations whose pioneers have, regularly unknowingly, standardized a dread of disappointment.
They assembly extends so that no time or cash is accessible for experimentation, and they grant rewards and advancements to the individuals who convey as indicated by plan. In any case, associations don't grow new abilities—or go out on a limb—unless managements endure disappointment and demand that it be straightforwardly talked about. (Ingram & Bradwaj 1998)

· Overreliance on previous work
At the point when settling on enlisting and advancement choices, pioneers frequently put an...

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