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Management is an important element of an organization which coordinates organizational activities and its future plans. It adopts the whole organization to its environment and shapes it up to make it more suitable to the organization itself. Its main work is to organize,plan,actuate and control which are done to accomplish the company objective.
Planning entails Decision making on what needs to happen in the future and generating strategy for action. As a good manager, determination of organizational goals and methods of achieving those goals is very important. Planning requires the administration to appraise where the company presently is and where it would be in the future and therefore, an appropriate course of action is determined and executed to attain the company's vision and mission. Management analyses internal and external factors that may affect the company, hence the need for strategic planning arises. Under the strategic plan, a SWOT analysis ...view middle of the document...

The manager should consider both negative and positive factors which might affect performance within the organization, without excluding the external factors which are mainly factors outside the organization that may affect the company performance either positively or in a negative way.
Management Concepts
The Management is also involved in controlling and directing, where it supervises the work and action of the organization’s staff. It renders assistance to its employees and guidance towards the right direction so as to achieve company goals and to build the careers of the staff. Directing is a very vulnerable function of management, which deals with people on a peculiar basis. Managers with the responsibility to direct have to be cognizant towards behaviour patterns and have the ability to read body language so as to make more versed decisions regarding their employees. A Manager directs his subordinate who in turn delegates tasks to the juniors that he or she supervises. A worker on the shop floor may also direct the machines to perform certain tasks at a rate they are needed to Run. Controlling the staff is done to keep track of tasks being allotted to the junior employees are performed on time and according to the required standards. This is mainly done after a plan has been implemented and the tasks assigned to particular individuals or machines. It mainly aims at ensuring compatibility between the results and the objectives set earlier in the original plan.This concept is dynamic in nature whereby the management will anticipate rising problems in the near future, hence adoption of necessary preventive measures and perform some changes in the policy over a short duration of time (Zanjirani, Rezapour, & Kardar, 2011).
A more compelling and dynamic management leads to success, which is reaping of objectives and goals, that an organization sets for itself. Achieving the ultimate goal requires a sense of creative problem-solving and successful applying the concepts of Management.

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