Management Concepts And Systems Essay

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Management Concepts and Systems
The National Academy of Sciences notes that the United States has many of the world’s most successful clinical research facilities and cutting edge medical technology, but there has not been as much of an effort to establish a system to measure the quality of care and the productivity of the healthcare system (National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine Committee on Engineering and the Health Care System, 2005). Each of these concepts have certain strengths and weaknesses. The application of these concepts can assure that patients are safe, prevent organizational incidents, and can also help in the investigation of incidents. This paper discusses the strengths and weaknesses of five of these concepts, how these are related to patient safety and can help with the investigation of incidents, illustrates the strengths and weaknesses in a table, and includes a basic incident response tool that integrates the strengths of these concepts.
Evidence-Based Management (EBM) is a relatively new model that promises to provide new decision-making tools for caretakers and patients (McLaughlin and Hays, 2008). The strengths of it include three main advantages. First, EBM provides the most objective and reliable way for a medical practice to determine and sustain consistently high quality and safety standards. Second, it helps increase the rate of transferring clinical research findings into practice (Open Clinical, n.d.). Finally, it can help reduce health care costs incredibly. There is the possibility that if all healthcare facilities in the United States were to use EBM, the total annual healthcare costs can be reduced by up to 29% while at the same time significantly improving the outcomes of clinical care (McLaughlin and Hays). EBM is easily accessible for organizations that are interested in using it. There are many resources that are available for managers of these organizations who are considering implementation of this model. National Guideline Clearinghouse has a database that includes documents and over 4,000 guidelines for this model (McLaughlin and Hays). A weakness of EBM is that it can be slow for healthcare workers to adapt to. There are many professionals who do not have the necessary skills to implement or use this model. A study in Taiwan revealed that the less education or experience a healthcare worker had, the more they faced barriers to EMB in their practice (Weng, Kuo, Yang, Lo, Chen, and Chiu, 2013, p. 2). There can also be limitations for creative solutions. If a hospital wants to protect its license, most often it will consider EBM solutions to create a standard of practice. Most often these standards work, but they can prevent medical professionals from implementing creative solutions for unique patients. Not every patient responds the same way. If every patient is required to have the same intervention, the physician is limited in the care they can provide. In addition, doctors will...

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