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IntroductionThe word control quite often raises pictures of domination or empowerment over people. Organisational controls however, are aimed at achieving compliance between an organization's members and attempts to bring about desired outcomes in accordance to the organizations goals. Managers within these organizations need to be aware of the importance of control and what forms of control are available to them. In addressing the topic of control the author will initially outline the basic roles of a manager within an organization, including a couple of examples of this. The author will then look at the importance of limits and boundaries within control to prevent confusion within employees. The author will then continue on to explain a few of the different forms that organizations use to direct its employees and operations. It will then be concluded that control is a very important part of an organization, which needs to be carefully addressed by the respective managers as even too much control can have its problemsManagement and ControlEach organization's main focus varies from company to company. Some companies focus on profits and stature whilst others focus on the service that they provide to its customers. These outcomes are normally determined by the role or product that they provide and is normally backed up by a mission or goal statement. Such organizations rely strongly on the activities of its employees as well as the contributions and leadership from its management team. This spells out the importance of the managerial; role and the control that they use to create the required results.Many people in today's society believe that they are good managers and can successfully lead and manage any team to success. Managing however has become a very sophisticated and specialised area of study which has seen the development of a recognised body of knowledge and research which far exceeds what is acquired through common-sense knowledge and natural talents alone. This education is not concerned with teaching easy 'recipes' or simple models of how to manage, but is rather about developing a certain type of critical capacity that is essential for coping with the challenges facing the modern manager (Fulop 1992, p. 8).Managers today undertake a number of tasks within their role ranging from leading teams right through to collating information and presenting reports. Henry Mintzberg (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2001, p. 479) conducted empirical research into how managers spend their time and he distinguished ten managerial roles in which he identified as describing the nature of managerial work. These ten roles were classified into three headings of interpersonal, informational and decisional and can be blended together at the discretion of each manager's style.One example of a manager's role is the development of his employee's knowledge and skill base. Goran Lindahl of ABB (Bartlett 1995) stated "People want to learn and are greatly motivated and...

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