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A Management Accountant is someone who helps the managers by using accounting information of the business to deal with business decisions; also they help the business by setting aside money for the business's future endeavors. It's not easy to become a Management accountant, there's a lengthy educational process, but it all pays off when you become certified. Your skills and abilities need to be very good to succeed in this job, since you have someone else's future in your hand, you must do the best job you can.To become a Management Accountant you first need to earn an accounting degree. The degree Bachelor of commerce is the way to go and by majoring in Certified Management accounting, the path of becoming a Management Accounting is set. Your studies will include auditing, business law, computerized accounting, taxation, strategic management, managerial accounting and business communication. During the program, students can choose to take co-op to gain experience and money to help support themselves.Once you earn your degree, you have not totally become a certified Management accountant. You must write an examination in which you have to get a Grade of C or higher. Then complete a two-year CMA Strategic Leadership Program, while doing so, you will receive a vast knowledge and understanding of the management accounting environment.All in all becoming certified is a very lengthy process, 2 to 3 years in university depending on if you take co-op. Followed by the exam which could take a month to a year depending on how bad you are at it. Then 2 years learning in the management accounting field gaining experience. 4-6 years could be spent on becoming a CMA. Also it could take 6-8 years for someone who spends time in college earning a diploma and then transfers into the last year of university.Now that you've become a CMA, it pays off. Before writing the examination the typical salary for trainees would be 30 000 - 40 000 dollars a year. The type of money you can expect after your student days, once you finish the examination you will be earning 50,000 - 60,000 dollars. Senior CMAs working for 10 years or more can be earning to 60 000 - 200, 000 dollars.To be a successful management accountant you must know and understand the principles in management...

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2307 words - 9 pages case that management initiated culture change is often resisted by an organisation's employees. Since a company's culture provides the basis for the workers life in it, there is a limit as to how much they can take on board. According to Andrew Pettigrew (1986) managers themselves can be an obstacle to cultural change because of the core beliefs of top management. Among the barriers Pettigrew cites to such change include entrenched power

"What skills does a manager need" This essay gives a general overview of the different skills managers require at the different levels of management

1662 words - 7 pages Essay Topic: 'What skills does a manger need?'A managers job is complex and multidimensional, certain skills are required in order to effectively run an organisation. As used here management is the process of coordinating work activities so that they are completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people (Robbins, S., Bergman, R, Stagg, J. & Coulter, M. 2006). A manager is someone who works with and through other people by

Application Essay to The Financial Risk Management Program

916 words - 4 pages STATEMENT OF PURPOSE My short-term goal is to help a firm manage its financial risk by developing and applying effective risk management strategies. My long term goal is to lead an enterprise wide risk management program for a multi-national company. My experiences in IT Risk Services, Accounting Audit and Structured Finance Advisory Services at the Big Four firms helped shape my career goal and created a strong fascination for

This essay is a description of the functions of management; planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.

666 words - 3 pages The Future of ManagementIn the world of business today, a manager's responsibility is to lead an organization's staff to the achievements of previously set goals by planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The future of management seems to be going in the direction of eliminating leading from the list of responsibilities. The role of leading is more frequently being given to employees. The technique of the "team" approach is being added

This essay is about the role of ethics and social responsibility in management.

1122 words - 4 pages it can only be resolved according to ethical standards. Setting the ethical standards for the way of doing business in corporation is primarily task of management. Corporations have to maintain the same standards as an individual person and, in addition, corporations, as organizational units, have their own social responsibilities toward customers, employees and society. However, any business should keep it?s original purpose of functioning

Pain and Misery: Sorry of the Free Will Delimma. This is an essay I birthed for my management class.

704 words - 3 pages Pain and Misery: Sorrowsof the Free Will DilemmaEric DickMay 19, 2004David MainorMGT-350"You have to soak up this weather while you can," she quietly muttered to herself as she stepped outside of her recently purchased Eclipse Spyder (as everything that belongs to her had to be new, though this was a repressed, unconscious instinct). "At any moment it could easily change to the instantaneous heat that Houston is quite famous for. No, it's not

This Essay studies the informal waste management system in india in the context of spontaneous order and a libertarian tradition.

3129 words - 13 pages What A Waste!From Rags to Riches- The Kabari TradeSolid waste management is supposed to be under the purview of municipal authorities namely the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) and the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi). Several unaccounted for groups however, are significant contributors to this process. Urban solid waste is typically a mixture of household, construction, commercial, toxic industrial and hospital waste.HOW MUCH WASTE IN

Stress Management. This essay was made for my Yoga class. It's a two page essay that talks about and gives pointers on how to relieve stress.

524 words - 2 pages Stress ManagementI believe "Stress Management" is a vital element in our everyday life to help us allcope with the many responsibilities (that cause stress) many of us have. I have readand heard many ways of coping with stress and managing it. I came up with eightuseful ways to over come stress.1. Learn to Relax. Throughout a stressful day I tend to take a few minutes to myself and just unwind. I take "minibreaks." I sit-down and get comfortable

Conflict management in work teams. This essay discusses the causes of conflict in work teams as well as how to resolve it.

1907 words - 8 pages Conflict Resolution in Work TeamsFamilies, employees, working teams, and ethnic groups are faced with conflict daily. Facing conflicts and having the capability to resolve them are crucial within our society. Some conflicts can be avoided, but when working in a team environment, more conflicts are apt to arise. Being able to successfully resolve conflicts within a team can be a difficult task for a team leader. Understanding the importance of

"Business Causal or Casual Business?" 1000 word essay on the casual dress in corporate America. Works Cited/MLA style bibliography included. Human Resource Management paper.

1647 words - 7 pages employees will have with clients." (Hill 15) If a position involves a lot of customer interaction, the employee's dress may have an influence on the clients buying decisions and views of the company. Even so, if there is little or no customer contact, management must take into account whether or not casual dress will complement or hinder the productivity and efficiency of the work force.Managing people is never easy and it can get even more complicated

Subject for this Essay should be under "Information Technology" I will discuss Army Kowledge Online and the Army Knowledge Management strategy

680 words - 3 pages technology system that I am familiar with and that will not present a breach in the security of our systems. I will focus particularly on the Army Knowledge Online system, which allows access to all Active Duty Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Department of the Army Civilians, Retired Army, United States Military Academy Cadets, select ROTC Cadets, and Army sponsored guest accounts. I will also discuss the Army Knowledge Management strategy and

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2418 words - 10 pages culture when expanding globally is a challenge.A good example of a service firm that experienced global expansion challenges is the management consulting firm Bain & Company, Inc. In consulting, a firm's most important strategic asset is its reputation, so a consistent firm culture is very important. Bain faced the following challenges, which depend on the firm's strategy and which affect the ability to maintain a consistent culture