Management Functions In The Workplace Part 2

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The innumerable functions of health care administrators in the workplace are diverse in
nature. The scope of practice for this group encompasses the technical aspects of the day to day
operations to the future planning of the organization. The Quality and Administrative Director
that I interviewed focused her attention on the planning piece of her career. More specifically,
she spoke of two important job functions that she regards as having the ability to be the most
detrimental to any company. These objectives or responsibilities are budgeting/reimbursement
and strategic planning. With the changes in health care reform, budgeting and reimbursement
have become vital to the success of hospitals worldwide (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012).
Managers have been charged with the continuous monitoring of every dollar going out and
coming in for services rendered. Dr. Machuta directs a large chunk of her efforts on the
appropriate documentation needed to support the coding submitted to insurance companies for
repayment. She works diligently with the supervisors and staff members within the department
to ensure constant communication of the technical demands and the ability to acquire those
requests. Dr. Machuta is currently working on updating the practices for the implementation of
ICD-10 billing rules and regulations. This will require the use of her interpersonal skills for
training of employees on the new aspects of coding and technical skills to understand the
procedures in relation to the codes. Strategic planning is another job responsibility that is near
and dear to the director’s heart. This process determines the future ambitions of a hospital and
the steps to accomplish those (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). Plans for this ward have been
devised to be executed over the course of five years. Changes are implemented on an annual
basis and strategies are revisited to determine the need for revisions to the original assumption
(Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). Part of the initial analysis for this group is the need for
modifications to the management hierarchy and an increase in affiliate relationships that will be
instrumental in the growth of the...

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