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Management Implementation Tools And Resources Essay

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Implementation Tools and Resources PaperImplementation Tools and Resources PaperThe use of tools and resources for the implementing process are valuable for the consultant to have a successful project with clients. This paper will discuss five tools and resources: PERT; Peter Block's suggestions (vision, standards, rewards, training, and measurement); Briefings and Presentations; Benchmarking and Best Practices; and Budgeting and Forecasting. Specific recommendations to assess advantages and disadvantages in various situations for each tool's use in the implementation process will be explored to include information from peer-reviewed sources to reveal the integration for compare and contrast effectively.PERTPERT, which stands for Program Evaluation and Review Technique, is a project implementation and planning tool that helps organizations map out a schedule of tasks that must be completed. PERT analyses, which are prepared in chart form, include the following information:What tasks must be carried outWhere parallel activity can be performedResources needed to execute a projectThe sequence of activities, scheduling and timings involvedTask priorities (Mind Tools)PERT is similar to critical path scheduling, which also seeks to map out a project's necessary tasks. The primary difference between PERT and critical path scheduling is that critical path scheduling identifies the minimum amount of time needed to complete a project, while PERT uses more conservative time estimates (Mind Tools). PERT is a detail-oriented approach that nails down the specific requirements for a project, particularly in terms of timing, coordination, and defining tasks. This distinguishes PERT from other implementation tools that approach projects from a cultural or behavioral perspective, such as change management, communicating a vision, or creating a rewards system for a project. The way in which PERT organizes information plays a critical role in delivering a project on time and on budget. In addition, PERT can be used by managers and consultants to make decisions about unknown factors. According to (Kazan, 2005), "Managers and business owners have used PERT because it is an important technique in terms of estimating uncertainty into project".PERT was originally developed as a project management methodology for the U.S. Navy's Polaris submarine missile program in the 1950s (Kazan, 2005). PERT's origin suggests that it is designed to handle large-scale and complicated projects that require a high level of coordination. Designing a PERT chart can itself be a complicated task; therefore, the scope of the project should match the need and effort to conduct a PERT analysis. Kazan (2005) suggests that PERT is a useful approach for "strategic decision making and assisting managers dealing with complex problems." Kazan's observations suggest that PERT is best employed at the beginning of a project as a way to assess risk and...

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