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Management In Human Resources Teleworking Essay

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Human ResourcesThe Benefits and Obstacles of TeleworkingIt's Monday morning and the alarm goes off; you wake up, make yourself a cup of coffee and sit down in front of your computer to check e-mail and start your day at work. Missing from that sequence of events, a sequence that should sound familiar to most working Americans, is the 30 minute drive to the office. With the rapid advancements in technology, the downturn in the economy, skyrocketing gas prices and questionable status of the health of the environment, do the benefits of teleworking outweigh the concerns? For a great deal of employees, work can be done from almost anywhere. The space-time dimension, which requires that work be performed at the office at a certain time, no longer applies to many jobs (Crandall and Gao 2005). For a great deal of employers a large portion of their bottom line is spent on the rental and maintenance of their facilities. The socio-technical innovation that is teleworking works in harmony with the current ubiquitous information and communication technologies including but not limited to; e-shopping, e-dating and e-peer-networking. Seemingly there is no plausible reason for most employers to require their employees to physically be present while working. In this paper we will discuss the positives and negatives to teleworking, and the risks for the employee and the employer, associated with allowing employees to work away from the office.Teleworking, also known as telecommuting is, in its most basic form working from home, or another location using computers and communication technology to communicate with the main office, supervisors, co-workers, and customers. Teleworking occurs when an employee is paid for work conducted at an alternative worksite, home or otherwise, resulting in a reduction in total commuting time. The emphasis being that; the office isn't the only place where work can be done and that information technology is a necessary component (Crandall and Gao). Teleworking was first referred to as 'electronically mediated distance working' by Jack Nilles. Nilles is credited with the first definition of telework as activity that includes all work-related substitutions of telecommunications and related information technologies for travel (Collins 2005).There are numerous angles from which to view the positive and negative components of teleworking, not the least of which is the potential legal benefits and obstacles. A significant benefit and arguably the most noteworthy is the ability to stay in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), teleworking is categorized as a reasonable accommodation for those employees considered disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act ( A beneficial derivative of the compliance is the positive impact that teleworking has on recruitment opportunities as organizations have the ability to attract top candidates with...

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