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Management In The Near Future. 767 Words. Focuses On Importance Of Leaders, Employees, And Functions Of Management In The Workplace.

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Management in the Near FutureAs the business world continues to adapt and change almost on a daily basis, an organization must stay ahead of the game to be successful. Management and leaders alike continue to have challenges stand in their way of managing in the future because of these constant changes. Carlos Taborda states, "The leader's role has changed to become more complex and even more critical to success." (2000). These managers must work hard to keep their departments running smoothly. These effective leaders and managers hold together the department. Administrative employees are constantly trying to stay informed of these changes that way, success will be easier to achieve.Effective leaders will always look to the future when running the organization. Always keeping track of the competition and the business changes will enable them to make appropriate changes to the department. Additionally, a good leader will have good people skills. The employees will not feel so intimidated to approach them with any complaint or suggestion they may have. Too often, employees do not want to approach a leader that seems to not care about the employees or if they are not open to communication. Many of these employees feel that either their voice will not be heard or they may look bad if they complain about a situation within their department. To remedy this, a leader should be open and known to all of the employees and let them know that he or she is available to each person and will not hold anything against them if they complain.Good employees are vital to the success of the corporation. Each organization's employees do different things to keep it running smoothly. Teamwork is one of the things that can help the organization. Depending on the type of work, teamwork can be beneficial because the work can be completed in less time rather than one employee working on it. Management needs to try to keep the motivation and happiness of the employee present because if the do not, the morale of the department as well as the production will disappear quickly.As changes occur, the employees must be informed. This will allow them to adjust to them and work as best as they can to implement them if necessary. The functions of planning and controlling will allow the employees to stay informed....

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