Management Is Not The Same As What Managers Do.

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MANAGING BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS'MANAGEMENT IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT MANAGERS DO'CRITICALLY EVALUATE THIS STATEMENTINTRODUCTIONManagement is described as the process of managing or being managed and is defined as 'the professional administration of business concerns'. A manager is a person regarded in terms of having skills in management and is defined as 'a person controlling or administering a business or part of a business'.This essay will aim to look at the meaning of management, the different styles and systems of management in the workplace. I will also consider what managers do (the work of a manager) their tasks and responsibilities. The effectiveness of managers and its effect on organisational performance will also be considered.Management is a generic term that is used by many to describe the work of a manager. To find an agreeable definition of management is difficult. Therefore it is best to analyse the common activities of management. Management is found in all organisational departments where authority is directed over activities, tasks or people. Whenever an activity is undertaken in order to achieve the objectives of an organisation it needs to be overseen and directed, someone must take responsibility for the decisions made. This is where management as a process comes into place. One of the earliest and most quoted analyses of management is that of Henri Fayol . Although later studies analysed management, there is no significant difference from Fayol's description of the managerial process.Fig. 1Planning: Deciding what needs to be achieved and developing a plan of action.Organising: Building the structure to carry out activities.Command: Getting the best out of staff for the organisation.Co-ordination: Linking all activities for success.Control: Verifying that everything occurs in accordance with plans.Another analysis by E. Brech defines management as:'A social process entailing responsibility for the effective and economical planning and regulation of the operations of an enterprise, in fulfilment of given purposes or tasks, such responsibility involving: judgement and decision in determining plans and in using data to control performance and progress against plans; the guidance, integration, motivation and supervision of the personnel composing the enterprise and carrying out its operations.'It is apparent that the basic principles of management are similar despite varying analysis from different theorists. Drucker argues that this process or the individual tasks that are carried out will depend on the skill and experience of the manager.There are many different ways of incorporating management into an organisation. Each organisation will have a different management structure which best fits the people, objectives and the type of work they do. Management will be dispersed within the organisation. The board of directors, chief executive, accounts manager, head of marketing will all differ in hierarchy but have managerial...

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