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Management, Leadership And Trust Essay

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What does it take one to become a great manager, a leader that everyone trusts? In case an introduction of an innovation, employees are obliged to committing themselves to using it. This innovation is a decision made by senior management officials for the employees to work according to the innovation in their daily work. Before, employees can adopt the innovation they need to trust the top management by seeing it in the faces of their leaders. Therefore, for top management to succeed the leaders have to be credible gaining trust of their subordinates while being accountable, have to share their vision and ideas of innovation to their subordinates with absolute clarity being there to keep ...view middle of the document...

A good leader follows through the whole process in ensuring things are going as expected and in right direction. After a successful achievement, the employees would be happy knowing the part they played in the implementation of the innovation (Michaelis, Stegmaier & Sonntag, pg.403) (Carrasco, 2010, pg.17).
A good leader does not lead by sitting behind the desk bossing subordinates around. One challenges the subordinates; associating with them to know what they are good at and supporting their talents, helping them shine. One should show the subordinates the respect they deserve and that their interests are at heart by trying to coach them to improve their productivity. He gives feedback to subordinates involving their performance retracting from using general comments to using specific comments. Be a mentor; explaining to them what the whole organization is all about and teaching them different aspects organization is involved in. The focus should be finding ways in which one is able to develop the skills of subordinates to enhance their productivity in the organization (Concelman & Phelps, 2014, pg.43). ...

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