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Management Of Change, And Why Is It So Effective?

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Effective change management can greatly benefit an organisation in various aspects in relation to growth and competitive advantages. Although change seems great, there are many factors which impact upon effective change management. These include the contextual, complexity and the ambiguity of change. This essay will cover topics of the forces of change upon an organisation, what causes the resistances of change for both individually and from an organisational perspective, and how it should be dealt with upon to succeed in effective change management. After reading this essay, there should be a further understanding upon change management.Effective change management is what all organisations want, which is, being able to change without much doubt, without it being too complex, and without it being too unclear. Although this is what all organisations strive for, it is not always so simple to plan change without these feelings of doubt. Change is inevitably introduced into our society, and without change, ones self will not be able to carry onto the next step upon their quest of survival. As a real life view, change is everywhere and change is unavoidable. Robbins and Barnwell describe change as an overworked cliché, and it seems impossible to write any management textbook without change in it (Robbins, S.P. Barnwell, N. 2002: 346). So it comes to the question, why is it a necessity for organisations to change? And what affects upon effective change management?Robbins et al discusses that change is driven by five main points; the nature of the workforce, technology, competition, social trends and world politics (Robbins, S.P. et al 2004: 568). The nature of the workforce affects change due to the diversity of organisation itself. As the organisation grows in size, it is common for the organisation itself to gain a wider range of different cultures.Technology is no doubt one of the leading drivers upon change management. Stoner et al, argues that although changes in technology affect the operations, products and services of the organisation, technological breakthroughs can lead to new competitive positions in different industries (Stoner, J.A.F. et al 1994: 67). Technology is rapidly changing our society positively, as well as being negative at the same time. An example of this statement is with the use of cell phones. Although cell phones are in no doubt a break through towards communication, much side affects such as brain tumors and cancer arise. So it is common sense to plan before implementing any change in regards with technology.Competition affects change towards ones organisation greatly in various situations. It is important that organisations keep close relations with their competition, in order to consistently maintain a competitive advantage. Von Stamm points out that all organisations should adapt innovative creativity within their organisations in remaining at the forefront of business development (Stamm, V. 2003). An example of...

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