Management Of Mitigation After A Calamity

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Under long-term community recovery options, after a disaster the federal government has possibilities of conducting and allowing mitigation processes to ensure compensation for the affected victims. The government has various departments responsible for the mitigation process after a calamity (Roberts, 2007). FEMA, DHS together with the Department of Commerce are responsible for mitigation after a disaster occurs. The main function of the departments as directed by Stafford’s Act is it should ensure that there is social and economic impact assessment activity after the occurrence of a calamity (Roberts, 2007). In addition, the federal government should be responsible for preparing mitigation analysis and implementing the mitigation program.
Assignment 2; IA programs for controlling effects of hurricane Katrina
To ensure that citizens have been taken care of, the federal government formed a commission that would have looked into the plights of the affected victims together with the affected government officials (FEMA, 2011). The intentions of forming FEMA were to make sure the government distributed all the intended support materials that would have alleviated risk to the involved citizens. It also wanted to help residents attain the much needed disaster management by creating a foundation of transformation (FEMA, 2011). Using the group, FEMA helped the local authorities in the management and control of land use as stipulated in the local charters. The intentions of the planning programs were to ensure that there was sanity in city planning and that structures were placed in a way that would ease emergency response (FEMA, 2011). In addition, the society worked with city dwellers in a bid to ensure there is security within the city, the supporting personnel are in a position to eradicate calamities in case of emergencies and that compensation procedures are properly followed in case of such occurrences (U S, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), 2007).
Under New Orleans Katrina case, the nation’s receding economy contributed greatly to the failure of the program that was created to offer remedy to the community. The effort to reclaim lost property was sparked by the fact that there was industrial mix and recovery. Some of the activities associated with the communities in the area benefited greatly from the process of rebuilding the area (U S, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), 2007). This was true since there...

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