Management Of Soil Degradation In The Loess Plateau

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The Loess Plateau in China is an area of 640,000 square km, which is the size of France. It is South of the Mongolian Steppe and the Gobi Desert and is East of the high Tibetan plateau. The Loess Plateau was once known as a beautiful, rich forest and grassland area; however, it is now called the “most highly erodible soil on earth”. This drastic change of the Loess Plateau has been caused by soil degradation and soil erosion. Soil degradation is “the decline in soil quality caused by its improper use, usually for agricultural, pastoral, industrial or urban purposes,” and soil erosion is “when soil is removed through the action of wind and water at a greater rate than it is formed.” Soil degradation and soil erosion are caused by many factors, two of which are natural and anthropogenic. For example, deforestations, overgrazing, steep slopes, poor water management and population pressure are some natural and anthropogenic causes for both soil degradation and soil erosion. Some solutions for soil erosion include, combining multiple soil conservation practices, crop rotation and mulching. Natural and anthropogenic factors cause soil degradation; while physical and human solutions can be used to manage and prevent it.
Physical solutions are a natural way to manage soil degradation. Physical solutions are solutions that are natural and are not human supervised. One large physical solution used to manage the soil degradation in The Loess Plateau is terracing. Terracing is when slopes are made into flat areas or ‘terraces’ and this means that water and soil is held by the walls which minimises erosion. By having higher and more stable grain production on terraces, farmers are able to take steep slope-land out of the production of grain and put it into other use; for example, into the plantation of trees. Which leads into another physical solution called afforestation; which is used to trap water and hold topsoil together; it is essentially planting more trees. Building dams helps to trap rainfall for irrigation and by planting bushes and grasses, slopes get re-vegetated which is also another physical solution. To prevent run off and to trap soil, slope reprofilling is used. And a long-term physical solution to manage and prevent soil degradation is to teach farmers how to manage woodland. Many measures on the improved farmland increase input and output and overall create a positive ecological impact. The least effective physical solution is teaching farmers how to manage woodland. This is because it is each to teach people how to do things, but it is very hard to get them to take the initiative and start the change. The most effective physical solution is terracing. This is because terracing allows for water and soil to be...

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