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Management Of Workplace, Health & Safety. Use Of Accident Causation Model

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This report is on the incident which had taken place in production plant yesterday. Being in-charge of the case and after findings, following is the explanation to the incident.Being a paint producing plant, the main motive is meeting customer demands for paints in the market. Receiving orders in excess to what can be produced is a major concern, it is said that never consume more than your capacity, the end result - you'll end up unwell.This incident took place mainly due to the chaotic situation in the plant. The operations had to deliver a consignment of paints to one of its key customer, failing short of time; the forklift operator had great pressure on his shoulders, he had to make sure that the tins of paint were loaded quickly into the delivery vans. The operations in-charge failed to notice how rough the driver was riding the forklift with loads of paint tins on the pallet. In no time, the driver lost the control of the forklift while maneuvering with the load in narrow lanes of the warehouse. This caused a crash, the paint was spilled on the floor damaging some parts of the stores, and 4 staff members were affected as they inhaled hazardous fumes and were hospitalized for two days, and finally resulting into stoppage of production.AccidentNo incident is preplanned, it just takes place, and this is known as accident. An accident is defined as an unplanned and uncontrolled event which has resulted into a physical injury or death; damage to plant, equipment or environment; or any other loss.All accidents have causes and effects. Causes can be generally controlled, they rely on the person in-charge of a task, or in other words, how well does he control/carries out a specific task without causing any accident whilst effects are result of luck i.e. if you escape uninjured during an accident you are lucky not harming yourself with an injury, the case may be vise versa if you are injured.Accidents usually occur because of human errors. These errors are generally classified into two categories (1) direct cause and (2) indirect cause. A direct cause is due to unintentional action which results into an accident while an indirect cause is simply negligence of safety standards, this may be faulty practices or designs which may vary from situation to situation.Loss Causation ModelThere are many theories defining an accident, the Loss Causation theory is based upon the Domino theory. This theory has five different tools and each depends upon its factors.1) The Management Control: In this tool the major cause of an accident are inadequate standard(s) of work, system and compliance. This can be avoided if the internal standards are designed to reduce risk, preventive measure are quick into action and updated from time to time.2) The Basic Cause: This tool depends on two factors (a) job and (b) personal. The job factors are dependant on insufficient supervision, maintenance, wear and tear, and misuse of equipment. The personal factors are inadequate...

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