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Management, Organization And Leadership: Questions And Answers

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Activity 1-Types of Organization and Associated Structures

1. Formal and Informal Organization:

a) Using: “Text-Organizational Structure-An Overview,” briefly describe the elements of the formal and informal organization. Are they complementary or contradictory? Give examples of each.

The formal organization:

Is the legitimate and official portion of organizations, such as policies, titles of organizational members, reporting lines, and performance appraisals; An outgrowth of the Hawthorne studies.

The informal organization:

It includes people's feelings, thoughts, and attitudes about their performances, their social interactions, and how all these factors have an effect on their behaviors and performance.

The formal and informal organizations are indeed complementary to each other due to the facts that organizations are done by humans and there are circumstances that couldn’t guarantee the same performances during the day to day duties.

In addition, the informal organization couldn’t be limited formally written but could be observed and transferred into written performance review. Therefore, intervention activities created to value the organizational performance that often is focused on the informal organization, in the context of the formal organization.

b) What additional conclusions can be drawn from the Video: “Leading Outside The Lines.” Give specific examples.

The additional conclusions from the video are that every organization has to have organization structure in order of specific responsibilities for easy business approach and in case of any appraising or discipline matter to know to whom you can references on the special occasion.

Based on the organization nature of business such as local, national or international,
The structure depends on their size, culture activity and history.

Example: One passion may be headed up the UK division at the organization so talk to the UK hierarchy but not top overrule.

Culture, a more autocratic business will tend to have a tallest structure whereas a more democratic business will tend to have a flat the structure.

Activities, the nature of the business will influence the structure a more creative business will tend to have a need for a flat structure at the scene to encourage idea to be created and developed because people feel more equal.

The aim of the section is to consider whether a traditional hierarchical remain relevant in modern business. Overtime successful organizations grow and as a result will tend to employee more people to carry on the work, overtimes these rules may not remain vital causing the structure to be reviewed as it no longer reflect what is now suitable for today’s market.

Good organization structure is the reasons of:

1. Improve communication
2. More responsibility
3. Better motivation
4. Reduced costs

Bad organization structure is the reason of:

1. Causes staff redundancies

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