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Management Plan Essay

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Introduction: One of a teacher’s many jobs is to guide his or her students. Guidance is especially important for teachers to implement for students of a young age. Guidance is important for teachers to implement for many expansive reasons. Young children tend to be, according to Erikson, egotistical and think about their own feelings and wants. This arrogance and selfishness will cause many problems with both other students and teachers. A teacher must recognize situations where children are in conflict with one another and use these situations as a chance to teach the children valuable lessons. The teacher must guide the child to desirable behaviors. Desirable behaviors include problem ...view middle of the document...

First, a teacher must both use direct and indirect guidance strategies. Direct guidance is more hands-on and communicative whereas indirect is prevention. Physical environment is an example of indirect guidance. The physical environment must be appropriate and situated in a way that will allow a teacher to guide his or her students. Classrooms can be organized and set-up in a way that promotes desirable behaviors. The most important aspect of the physical environment is to make sure that the environment the children are learning in is comfortable and safe. An unsafe environment could discourage a child’s learning and development. To promote problem solving and other social skills, it is important that an environment has enough materials for more than one person. If there are only enough materials for only one person at a time, this will cause problems when we want children to share and work collaboratively together. Another important aspect of the physical environment is space. First, a classroom should have enough space for the students. If the students do not have enough space, there is a higher chance for conflict. Also, it is important to designate certain spaces for quiet areas and play areas. If these two areas are integrated and are close to each other, there will be even more conflicts. All areas of the classroom must be organized in a way that will prevent problems that may arise. Direct guidance is where, I believe, children can learn the most about right and wrong and problem solving. Direct guidance includes: response, discipline, and redirection among other things. Teachers must step in when opportunity arises and use direct guidance. A teacher must encounter the problem and talk the child/children through the problem. Through this process, the teacher must properly go through appropriate problem solving skills. According to Bandura’s social learning theory, children try to imitate the actions and behaviors of others, especially elders. Therefore, a teacher must go through the problem solving process and modeling, possibly several times, in order for the children to gain an understanding of the meaning for it and the steps it takes to complete problem solving. As a result, the children will most likely over time learn to imitate the problem solving process that the teacher demonstrated with him or her. If a child is too young to understand the problem solving process, redirection is the best option. A teacher must approach the young child and redirect the child to a more desirable behavior or to a different activity and in the process try to calmly inform the child that his or her behavior is not acceptable. Through the problem solving process and discipline, children will start to understand what is right from wrong. I used quite a bit of direct guidance strategies while working in the morning four and five year old labs this semester. There is a child in the preschool lab that has had some behavioral problems all semester. The...

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