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Management Planning Boeing Essay

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Management Planning Paper 1Management Planning BoeingManagement Planning Paper 2Management Planning BoeingThe most crucial function of management is the planning phase in which the organizations goals and objectives are planned and set the foundation for the success of the manager's to achieve the organizations goals. The purpose of this paper is to explain the planning function of management within Boeing and evaluate the influence that ethics, legal issues, and corporate social responsibility have on the process and analyze that influence on Boeing's strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning.Boeing is the most recognized aerospace company, and the largest manufacture of commercial jetliners and military aircraft known around the world. Boeing also manufactures and designs rotorcraft, satellites, missiles, launches vehicles, defense systems, and innovative information and communication systems. Boeing is responsible for operating the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. With customers in over 90 countries Boeing is among one of the biggest exporter's. Boeing's management planning function could be affected by internal and external factors. Some of those factors include the economy, competition, and resources, which in turn have an effect on the strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency plans. Ethics defined by (2010), is, "set of moral principles or values". Boeing empowers its employee's and values his or her skills, strengths and perspectives. The goal at Boeing is to provide a workplace that allows employee's to be able to be involved in the decision-Management Planning Paper 3Management Paper BoeingMaking process that will enhance the productivity and performance of all employees'. Boeing holds their ethical conduct in the highest regard in complying with the code of conduct within the organizations governance practices.Factors that Influence BoeingCompetition was a key factor that influenced the planning function of management at Boeing both tactically and strategically. During 2001, the economy caused Boeing to suffer some financial losses along with other corporations. A contract worth over $49.2 billion from the U.S. Air-Force saved Boeing from financial disaster. Three factors that influenced Boeing's strategic, tactical, operational and contingency plans were Boeing's competition. Airbus is the biggest competitor to Boeing. Due to some internal factors at the assembly line Boeing suffered in the production department that caused shortages to occur. Clients turned to Airbus to meet their requirements. Boeing is working jointly with Lockheed Martin; it's biggest competition in defense systems to try meeting the demands of the clients.Another factor that influences the planning function of management is the government. Government regulations have indirectly affected the output of planes that Boeing has manufactured. When Boeing designs new models of planes, before they are flown Boeing...

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