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Management Planning for HalliburtonHeather ParkerUniversity of PhoenixManagement Planning for HalliburtonHalliburton was started in 1919, as of today they remain one of the largest providers to the energy industry around the world. Halliburton is currently operating in over 70 different countries with approximately 50,000 employees (Halliburton, 2007). At one time during the year 2003 Halliburton employed over 100,000 people in 120 countries around the globe (Halliburton Report, 2003). The primary day to day business of the company is to deal with the oil and gas industry. The company is split into two parts with Drilling and Evaluation being one and Completion and Production being the second. The combine revenue for the two divisions in 2007 was estimated to be at least if not more than $15 billion dollars. (Halliburton, 2007)When it comes to the management function of planning, planning is a crucial function of management that enables an organization to achieve its maximum potential. Planning is the primary function which formalizes the company's goals and objectives. Planning also establishes a base for the other functions of the organization. With a company the size of Halliburton they have set up a headquarters in two locations. The home base office is located in Houston, TX and the second base is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Halliburton, 2007). When it comes to planning for Halliburton in my opinion, it could be said that the company would fail to meet the standards and expectations without having put together rules and regulations.Throughout this paper I will discuss how the legal and ethical issues as well as the corporate social responsibilities of Halliburton have impacted the planning function of management. I will also briefly touch on three factors that have influenced the company's strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. Following up with an overview of what the vision for the future holds at Halliburton.Problems Plaguing HalliburtonOver the past several years Halliburton as been on the receiving end of negative publicity mostly regarding the company's operations in Iraq. The US Justice Department and the Pentagon have each investigated Halliburton for criminal misconduct revolving around erroneous contract dealings (Washington Post, 2004). Largely because Halliburton has been the leading government services contractor they have been a focal point during the war for both legal and ethical issues.Legal IssuesWith the many legal issues that have come around for Halliburton the two biggest ones have been about overcharging the government and bribes for contracts. Halliburton was accused of overcharging the government for about $27 million dollars in meals that it claims to have served in Iraq. They were charging for 42,000 meals a day when in fact, it was only 14,000 meals being service to military personnel. Inevitably Halliburton was forced to repay the $27 Million it had billed and...

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