Management Planning Review The Differences In Planning Between Levels Of Management And Discuss How And Why Various Plans Must Be Integrated.

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Management planning is an integral part if an organization's success, according to an excerpt in Field Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Facilitation (1999), strategic planning determines where an organization is going over the next year or more, how it's going to get there and how it'll know if it got there or not. Without proper goals and plans set, the organization has a slim chance of standing up against fierce competition. Management at all levels must be able to look ahead and modify company direction from time to time in order to keep up with the emerging trends that reflect the changing economy. In this paper I will review the differences in planning between levels of management and discuss how and why various plans must be integrated. Also, this paper will give an example of new strategic plans made by the army for preservation and how the new strategy impacted planning at the division level.Differences in PlanningAccording to University of Phoenix week two overview (2003), the term 'plan' is defined as actions or means managers intend to use to achieve organizational goals, with that in mind, one can gather that it is true that all levels of management deal with planning, but they have do differences in what the plan ultimately carries out. For instance, top level managers or senior managers are in charge of creating that proposal in the form of establishing long-term goals and strategies. They also are responsible for the development and execution of strategic planning as well. Mid-level managers are responsible for narrowing goals and plans made by the senior management and turning them into more specific ones to make them more operational. The differences among the planning is that the senior management have the job of creating a broad vision and state the general direction and the main focus is long-term while the mid-level managers create a narrower versions of those broad goals to make them more functional, attainable goals that are short term and then delegate them to operational managers.Integration of PlanningEach plan involved in strategic management plays an important role in achieving organizational success. The types of plans are as follows, strategic planning which involves the establishment of long-term goals and plans, tactical planning which takes the long-term goals and breaks them down into specific, short-term goals, and operational planning which takes those specific short-term goals and turn them into specific procedures to be carried out.How and Why They Are IntegratedThe three plans are linked in such a way that if an organization fails to carry out one plan successfully the other plans do not fall into place nor do they make up for the plan that is lacking. For instance if an organization makes a strategic plan of selling high quality designer clothes at a huge value to the consumer, then the operational plans need to become geared towards focusing on things like high quality fabrics, certain styles,...

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