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Management Process Essay

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    An organizations goals and objectives can be accomplished through leadership. Leadership refers to inspire people to contribute and perform well in the management. It is a role of management and leading others towards the achievement of the common goals (Channappa, 2012). Daft (2012) reported that “ In today’s world, industries, technologies, economies, governments, and societies are in constant flux, and managers are responsible for helping their organizations navigate through the unpredictable with flexibility and innovation” (p. 4). A good manager is needed in every management because he or she is the one who determine the successes and future of the management (Daft, 2012). He or ...view middle of the document...

For example, the unexpected events are financial crisis, labor force and argument between colleagues. Then, managers are required to appraise the various alternatives and make a decision to choose the suitable and appropriate action for accomplishing objectives (Griffin & Albert, 1996). Next, essential steps are stipulated by the managers to ensure effective implementation of strategies (Daft, 2012). Subsequently, tactical planning and operational planning are executed after a strategy is established (Daft, 2012). Finally, the manager evaluates the outcome of their plans and takes right action to solve when there are unexpected events occurs due to several causes (Principles of Management, 2014).
  The second step of the management process is organizing the strategy. Once the strategy is planned, the manager designates the organization structure to achieve the strategic goals. Usually, the structure is demonstrated by an organization chart. The chain of command within an organization is explained in either pictorial images or graphic representation (Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2013). Once the individuals and departments are appointed to the task, they are following the reporting relationships that are line authority, responsibility to decide, number of position levels, number of employees reporting to a supervisor and the systems designing (Daft, 2012). Three major types of structural designs which are functional, divisional and matrix approach are used to assure effective regulation of employees across departments. After that, manager applies the delegation process to transfer authority and responsibility to the right and capable employee (Daft, 2012). The talents of each employee is matched to the task given to increase their performance. Manoj (2013) pointed out that departmental groupings of jobs in departments are decided according to a few criteria which are function, product, geography and customer. This stage will provide a maximum flexibility to target the requirements of the customer. Individuals are matched with specific skills to jobs with specific needs. Each specific job within an organization is filled by a specific person with specific skills (Newman, Warren, & McGill, 1988).
  A management process is unable to assure by only constructing all the strategic and structural changes, so leading is the next crucial step. A manager directly and particularly affects the behavior of subordinates is termed as leading (Newman et al., 1988). A powerful leadership is needed to push the organization into a bright future. The evolvement of the leadership concept depends on the transformation of the organizations (Daft, 2012). Firstly, the manager guides and leads people to do the work in the right manner by setting a clear plan (Manoj, 2013). The subordinates are encouraged and...

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