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Management Process And How This Is A Key Element In Running A Successfull Business Is A Well Developed Management Department

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Management ProcessesOne of the key elements in running a successful business is a well-developed management department. Organizations cannot simply run by themselves, nor achieve their main goals by themselves either. That is why many successful organizations, such as McDonalds, Rockwell Automation, and General Motors hire managers that use what is called the management processes, which consists of four basic functions- planning, organizing, leading, and controlling to help run their companies. The managers of Lake States Industrial Services Inc. (LSIS), a 'new' land developing company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is lacking the understanding of the management processes, which might be in the end, the cause of this business failure in the next couple of weeks.The first step in the management processes consists of planning. Planning is setting goals and deciding on courses of action, developing rules and procedures, plans (for both the organization and for those who work in it), and forecasting what the future may hold for the organization. (Page 7)LSIS officials does have a great dream for what is suppose to be developed here at 311 E. Greenfield Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin within the next couple years. But, the draw back on the project right now is that this 44-acre site is highly environmentally contaminated. LSIS's job is to clean up this site, and develop apartments, condominiums, marina slips, and some sort of park structure. None of these new developments can happen until the clean up is over with, which is now estimated to be 3 to 4 million dollars.The clean up 'planning' is where LSIS is having their problems. When this originally was organized, people just guessed on how much this whole clean-up project would take, and figured that most of the resources already on the site (brick and steal from existing buildings, coal from the former company that once stood there, etc) would be sold to help lower the clean-up cost. But, now LSIS is realizing that maybe they should of tried to get better exact results on the cost of clean up, and estimates for the existing resources. If better planning of clean-up and the use of resources where implemented, then LSIS wouldn't be scrambling trying to find financial resources for more than what officials expected, and they wouldn't be determining a shut-down.Organizing is another key element is the management processes. Organizing is identifying jobs to be done, hiring people to do them, establishing departments, delegating or pushing authority down to subordinates, establishing a chain of command (in other words channels of authority and communication), and coordinating the work of subordinates. (Page 7)Within LSIS, organizing is another down fall this company faces. Everyone employed here has great ambitions and ideas, which all of them consist of cost. Unfortunately everyone points to everyone else to do the work, or pay the bills. As you can see, this causes a big up rise in the accounting department,...

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