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Management Processes Needed To Make A Company Successful

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TMAN 611 Term Paper
Frank FoltynPrinciples of Technology ManagementTerm PaperTMAN 611 Section 9040 0702May 5, 2007What are the needed processes of effective management of technology that relate to the success of company's?As global competition is exponentially increasing, management is forced to assess its vision and make sure the objectives are realistic and attainable in order for the company to be successful. There have been companies that were ranked on top of their industries and then regressed and returned to the top of their industries. This change of ranking in terms of market share occurred at Apple Inc. because of not effectively pursuing the valuable processes needed to manage ...view middle of the document...

These include Apple Inc., Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), and InternationalBusiness Machines Corp. (IBM), all of which dominated key segments of the computer hardware industry, only to see their financial positions deteriorate as the market shifted toward faster, cheaper, and more functional products. Their declining positions eventually showed up on the companies' financial statements; however analytical managers who are aware of the company's health were be able to detect the industry dynamics and make management changes which was be needed to stay competitive.Strategic changes in managementThe upper management teams that Apple and Vonage had were similar in that they have been unstable. Both companies have had turnover in the CEO's positions, and most interestingly the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, was the CEO and gave up that position when he was asked by the board of directors to return to the helm of Apple Inc. Vonage had similar changes in their upper management positions, Jeffrey Citron was chairman for a period, left, and then returned to the top of the management role at Vonage. Even though the change of CEO's occurred at both Apple and Vonage, the reasons for the changes were different.Steve Jobs was a person who looked for perfection, which led to technical difficulties and cost overruns for some of the projects that were part of their marketing plan at Apple. The company decided to move toward a stewardship management style, which focused on a tighter management philosophy. The replacement, John Sculley from PepsiCo, wanted to bring a management style that focused on the demands of the markets to its business plan. After the company did not make much improvement during Sculley's tenure, Apple decided to bring in Michael Spindler in 1993. With Mr. Spindler in office the company dropped another 4% in market share, which was not the direction the board wanted the company to go. In 1996, Mr. Spindler, was replaced by Gilbert Amelio. With all the CEO setbacks the board of directors wanted former CEO Steve Jobs to return to the helm and bring back the innovative mindset that made Apple who it was in the 1990's and today. The changes at Apple were strategically chosen, based on the business environment demands that were present at the particular time to meet their strategic plans. These management changes were not exclusive to Apple; Vonage also has had setbacks in its management lineup during its short business lifespan, however, their results do not look as promising as to what the results were at Apple.Vonage also has had changes in leadership; however, the changes were abruptly made. The changes were not aligned with a particular business plan, but for purposes of legal investigations. The CEO, Michael Snyder abruptly resigned and has been replaced by Chairman Mr. Citron. These changes do not mean that success is to follow. Another unknown of the CEO's at both Apple and Vonage is that a vision is given, however, when the enforcement of...

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