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Management Report

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RBC is the New Zealand owned Rubber Company located in the south Auckland. Around 200 employees, including 50 office staff and 150 employees are working in this company. The factory produces rubber components. This factory supplies rubber components to other manufacturers located in New Zealand and Australia, such as makers of washing machines, cars, dairy processing equipment, and boats. The company imports bulk rubber from an overseas supplier such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and India, which is remoulded by the factory. RBC is using injection, transfer and compression moulding method in the rubber moulding process. RBC is fully compliant with NZ environmental regulations. No customer has ...view middle of the document...

Epstein (2008, p. 46-57) has introduced the Corporate Sustainability Model (as shown in Figure 1), which provides a comprehensive approach for measuring, examining, and managing the drivers of corporate sustainability, which is a useful framework for RBC. There are four major parts explained in this model as below: inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes.
By referring the external context Epstein considers the forces that impact and shape a company’s sustainability approach. This may include government regulations regarding minimum standard if sustainability performance, such as pollution standards, waste disposal regulation, working conditions, level of wages and on discrimination laws. RBC will need to develop a sustainability plan that incorporates New Zealand’s government policies. For example, to make a claim for eco friendly rubber products, RBC should follow the Advertising Standards Authority Code given by the New Zealand government, such as The Fair Trading Act (1986) which prohibits misleading conduct or misleading representation about trading goods or services (, 2013, para 13).
RBC should design appropriate strategies, structures and management systems to improve social and environmental performance, such as employee rights, human rights and environment protection. RBC should develop an eco friendly rubber product which will increase profitability of the company. Now a day’s many international markets are demanding companies to certify their products...

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