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Management Report For Company K

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Internal communication is vital to building employee engagement, which brings competitive and financial benefits to organisations (CIPD, 2010).
In the globalised working environment, the challenge is delivering messages to a multicultural workforce, whilst setting the basis for engagement.
This report:
• assesses multiculturalism influence over internal communication;
• determines the most appropriate internal communication channels and messages to engage employees within multiculturalism; and
• draws recommendations for the organisation internal communication strategy.

Research methodology includes secondary and primary data, situation analysis, quantitative surveys, and a qualitative research aimed at investigating internal communication and engagement within multiculturalism.
The findings highlight the issues to be addressed by the corporation to improve communication and engage the multicultural workforce.
Thus, the corporate strategy is reinforced through new approaches to internal communication aimed at mitigating the influence of multiculturalism. In addition, employees need for sense-making and sense-giving interactions is achieved through enhanced internal communication, an engagement scheme, and an improved connection with authority.
The strategy includes tools to monitor and evaluate plan effectiveness.

2. Introduction
Organisation K. is one of the largest players in the energy field in Qatar. The nature of the company production brings long-term contracts with a secure foundation customer-base. The organisation demographics is similar to the State of Qatar’s one, the second world country for migration rate (CIA, 2013), counting 68 nationalities on a workforce of approximately 3,700 employees.
The company operates a traditional approach to public relations (PR) that reflects its maturity stage (Gregory, 2000:29). Corporate communications mainly utilise traditional media.

3. Research
3.1. Situation analysis
A detailed climate assessment using PESTLE and SWOT analyses highlighted trends whilst identifying potential issues (Appendices I and II) :
• the government incentivises private sector to pursue Qatarisation , corporate social responsibility (CSR), and to adhere to highest business international standards;
• competition among business sector in showing adherence to government policies causes standardisation of media messages;
• limited availability of local media outlets;
• limited availability of local workforce.

3.2. Stakeholders analysis
Firstly, in order to progress the study, 18 stakeholders groups were identified according to their relations with the organisation as enabling, functional, normative, and diffused (Appendix III).
Consequently, a stakeholder analysis exercise emphasised their power and influence.
The analysis facilitated identifying stakeholders to be prioritised by the organisation:

3.3. Media analysis
The media analysis included company K. and four...

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