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Management: Report On A Case Study. An Architecture Firm With Management Problems And This Report Identifies The Problem And Attempt To Solve It.

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1. Executive SummaryDoldrum, Withers & Partners is an architecture firm that was established in the early 1990s. The performance of this company has not been very effective and efficient as that there are considerably many problems exist within the firm. We will need to assist this company to solve its major problems that would consequently allow the company to be more effective and efficient.Major problems within the company are working conditions, communication problems between partners and employees, Partners leadership style and lack of motivation. Employees in the company have an ineffective working ethic that burdens them with extensive work. Richard and Stephen have been dishonest to their employees while there are rarely any communications in between. Further more, employees have little or none job satisfaction and job opportunity. All this problems result in high employee turnover and bad working attitude.The company has to reestablish it's working ethic, introduce a charismatic manager, improve and increase communication and have an effective motivation. Company need to make sure their employees are happy while they do work and that they know their boss understand and encourage them. Company should provide a comfortable working, have frequent informal and formal communication with employees, been honest and visible to their employees and provide job advancement, training programs and other forms of recognition.2. Problem Identified and AnalysisProblems arisen in the Doldrium, Withers and Partners architecture firm include:·Workplace and working condition·Communication Problem between Partners and their employees·Leadership style·Lack of motivation2.1 Workplace and working condition:2.1.1 Division between younger and older employeesThe workers are mainly divided into two groups, older and younger employees. The older draftsmen who work for the firm for many years are considered as the morgue by the younger staff and these older draftsmen have occupied the most desirable working area. The majority of the younger architects, drafters and interior designers are located at a much worse working area where "radios hum and bathing beauties gaze down from the communal pinup board" (Chandler, John, 1983, p 40). This cause the younger staff to think that they are not treated fairly by the company and that the company values these older staff more than they are. The company could lose some criteria of effectiveness such as accuracy and creativity of teamwork as that either group is welling to work together side by side.2.1.2 Ineffective work ethicThe company maintains a "strong heads down, tails up work ethic" (Chandler, et, al, 1983, p40). Employees are faced with overwork and stress. The organizational culture is hard and stressful for the employees. This heads down and tails up work ethic could cause employees to burnout, which directly reduce their productivity and willingness to contribute. This could hurt the...

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