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Management Role Essay

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Running Head: UNDERSTANDING THЕ MANAGEMENT ROLEUNDERSTANDING THЕ MANAGEMENT ROLE[Name of thе writer][Name of thе institution]UNDERSTANDING THЕ MANAGEMENT ROLEIntroductionBritish Airways is an international airline registered and based in United Kingdom, offering scheduled cargo and passenger services to over 80 destinations around the world.They are deeply committed to United Kingdom, where the Company was founded in 1946. They continue to make substantial investments to develop United Kingdom's aviation industry and enhance United Kingdom's position as a regional transportation hub. In addition to their fleet of aircrafts, these investments include catering, aircraft maintenance and ground handling companies, as well as their corporate headquarters at United Kingdom International Airport; British and its subsidiaries and associate employ 25,000 staff in United Kingdom. The airline's two major shareholders are both United Kingdom companies listed on the United Kingdom Stock Exchange, as is British itself.British is the major shareholder in United Kingdom Limited, an all cargo carrier that offers scheduled services in the Asia region, and is a shareholder in United Kingdom Dragon Airlines Limited.They are also a founding member of the one world global alliance whose combined network serves over 570 destinations worldwide.Quality Management DefinedIn a total quality setting, Quality is as determined by the customer and employees produce it. Thus quality of a service is the customer's perception of the degree to which the service meets their expectationsSix-sigma quality is a standard and a philosophy of customer satisfaction. The six-sigma philosophy requires an ongoing audit mechanism that identifies opportunities for improvement and changes in customer expectations.Emphasize the importance of customer satisfaction. Define a quality goals and objectives and translate these into actual service and service delivery activities. There are some types of goals and objectives need to consider.-To satisfy customers.-To encourage continuous improvement.-To respect social and environmental needs.-To foster a collective commitment to quality.-To improve the efficiency of service delivery.-To clearly define customer needs and expectations.-To look for opportunities to improve service quality.Define service quality responsibilities and give your personnel the authority to carry out these responsibilities. Make sure that senior management retains the responsibility for developing, measuring, auditing, and improving your service quality system.Various interviews and customer surveys conducted throughout the year, customers are invited to participate in the British Voice of the Customer survey, conducted multiple times per year to determine where customers are satisfied and where they can improve. These survey results are then used to develop plans to act on your suggestions, improving...

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