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Management Styles In The Workplace Essay

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Management styles are wide and varied across the entire world of work. The specific type of management that works for one particular set of workers does not always work for another group of employees. Almost everyone has come into direct contact with a manager at some point in their careers. It is the relationship between the employee and the manager that must be keenly developed; in order for an office, factory, restaurant, or similar organization to run smoothly and effectively. When an organization is being managed efficiently, workers are much more upbeat, production levels are optimal, and the overall working environment has a fragrance of positivity. In sharp contrast, when an organization is ineffectively managed, more times than not, worker productivity are well below standard levels, workers are more prone to use sick days, and the working environment has an extremely dismal feel. Understanding these two sides of effective and ineffective management will help us to further grasp the grave importance of various types of management style. The thing that makes management such a hotly discussed issue is the fact that truly effective management is the lifeblood and livelihood of any successful organization. As the United States and world economy continues to change around us, so does management style. As the market pool of heavily tech-savvy, college educated workers prepare to enter into the shaky job market, management styles will also continue adapt to fit the ever changing employee profile. Some of the myriad management styles that a great deal of first-line, middle, upper-level and executive manager's use on a daily basis include: Participatory Style, Directing Style, and Teamwork Style. For the purposes of this discussion we will focus upon the Teamwork Style of management that is used by a former middle-manager who worked for the former, McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company, (which presently goes by the name of Boeing).We are going to focus upon how this manager effectively used the Teamwork Concept of management at McDonnell Douglas to increase production from his team. We will also shed light in the incentives, motivators and rewards that this manager used to increase the overall production of his workforce crew. Sample work projects will also be presented to show a, "life in the day", if you will, of a middle-manager at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft. Conflict and conflict resolution will also be examined in the course of this middle-managers career. Issues of company morals and ethics will also be dissected as well. Management style is truly an art form of sorts. In order for a manager to make the most lasting and positive impression on their workers they must realize that in order to gain an employees' trust you must categorically listen to your workers first; then from there you will eventually win not only the trust of your employees, but their loyal devotion and respect as well.The Teamwork Concept that was used by this...

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