Management Systems In Marks And Spencers.

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Systems For Management2.0 IntroductionThe organisation I have chosen to base my assignment on is Marks & Spencer plc. Marks & Spencer plc is a very large retailer of food and clothes, so I have decided to base this report on one particular branch that is based in Birmingham.Marks & Spencer is one of the UK's leading retailers of clothes, food, home products and financial services. 10 million people shop with them each week in over 375 stores. In addition they have 155 stores managed under franchise in 28 territories mostly in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East, stores in the Republic of Ireland, nine wholly owned stores in Hong Kong and they own the US supermarket group, Kings Super Markets.The company values of quality, value, service, innovation and trust are not new - they are the principles on which the business was founded. Marks & Spencer was first found in 1884, this was when Michael Marks formed a partnership with Tom Spencer. In 1908 Michael and Tom registered the St. Michael trademark. Since 1908 the partners opened many stores in England and other countries.As one of the UK's leading retailers, Marks & Spencer have annual sales in excess of $8 billion. The company employ's more than 60,000 people worldwide, operate more than 400 stores in 28 countries, and serve tens of millions of customers every week.The company's customers are people of middle to upper class. Regular customers at Marks & Spencer are pensioners, these people don't mind paying vast amounts of money for their food and clothes.Marks & Spencer attracts customers who have well paid jobs and that are of upper class. The company's customers are well off because they have good jobs and like what the company have to offer them such as quality.Marks & Spencer is a well-known company that provides goods and delivery services for its customer's. The company's main head office is based in London and they have stores all throughout the UK. The company has been growing for a number of years, and it is doing very for itself as it is making a lot of profit.2.1 The purpose of the report is to produce an outline Management Information Strategy in which it will contain details of the information managers in the organisation need, and the role systems will play in providing information as part of decision-making. The initial report will be split up into 4 areas:1. Assess the role of information in management decision making and the role of technology in support of these roles2. Assess the roles of management information systems in contemporary organisations3. Establish a role of models, executive information systems, expert systems, and artificial intelligence in organisations4. Evaluate the effects of technologically based systems to present and future organisations and the effect on business transformation3.0 Assess the role of information in management decision making and the role of technology in support of these rolesMarks & Spencer...

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