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Manager Approach Essay

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As advertised on the website of, Allstate Insurance marketed as letting customers know that they are the “in good hands” Insurance Company, provides passenger auto and home owner’s insurance and it is marketed and/offered through other agencies such as Encompass and Esurance. Allstate Insurance is well known for the commercials featuring the “Mayhem Guy”, Dean Winter. The “Mayhem Guy” is the unfortunate and unpredicted incidents that occurs with your home or car. In addition to passenger auto insurance and home owner’s insurance, Allstate Insurance Company provides Life Insurance, Retirement and Investment Products and Roadside Assistance. Business Insurance is ...view middle of the document...

A new service innovation, which would be available to new and existing Allstate customers would be an alert system that would be able to alert home owner’s if they are with a certain proximity or radius of water that may place them at risk of a potential flooding. The service will be “CARE” (could alert real evacuation). The service would require existing partnership with The National Alert system to include sending out the Flash Flood, Hurricane or Tsunami notification to customers, however, the service “CARES” will allow customers to decide to evacuate with a percentage of flooding, instead of waiting on the government mandated evacuation request. This product will be based on the sales representative going out to meet with potential customers, surveying the area to assess if there is surrounding water and recording the distance. Customers would receive a text message and a follow-up call from a 24/7 customer service representative. This service will also allow for families caring for elderly, children and animals, more notice to sort additional coverage, get additional supplies, seek medical assistance early if needed and any other emergency preparations. Relying on networking and social media such as YouTube, the Allstate Insurance with the teenager telling his mother that there is an app to report accidents, a similar reference can be made to include the “CARES” system. The cost of the service will at a monthly service charge or an annual charge to customers with a starting cost of $99.00. With Allstate’s resources, “CARES” will bring in more customers and potential contributors for the company to reach a higher return that 38% recently reported. The goal is to bring in a revenue of at least 50% return on profit.
This service will allow Allstate to continue the...

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