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Manage Interview Paper MHR 301Nhi Tran11/01/2014On October 22, 2014, I had a chance to meet and interview Ms. Cynthia Greco, the Coordinator of Learning Resources Center (LRC) at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Before becoming the coordinator of the LRC, Ms. Greco was a reading advisor who managed the reading program of Cal Poly Pomona. Therefore, she has experiences in managing tutors and working with tutees. We were discussing about her plans on achieving some new goals of the LRC and her decision making process.According to Ms. Greco, developing online tutoring as well as social science tutoring services and constructing more tutor training sessions are the goals that the LRC must achieve by the end of spring quarter in 2015. She let all tutors, including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and non-STEM tutors, know about those goals at the annual tutor training in August 2014. When I asked about her plan for the online tutoring service, she said she had a great idea on introducing and improving it. She planned to develop the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section and homework questions section. The homework questions section, on the word of Ms. Greco, is easy to develop because students only need to submit their questions to the LRC's website, then tutors who are in charge of the homework questions section on that day will answer the questions and send them back to students. It might take one or two days to respond to students because tutors need time to work on those questions. In contrast, the FAQ section is harder to build and develop than the homework questions section. Tutors who are working on the FAQ section need to think of questions that students usually ask, generate a problem - solution sheet, and submit it to Ms. Greco. After reviewing those sheets and making corrections, she asks tutors to retype and post them on the LRC website. In addition, all FAQ for STEM and non-STEM majors must be completed by the end of Fall 2014 quarter, so that the LRC can start offering online tutoring service in Winter 2015 quarter. When I asked her why the social science tutoring service needed to be developed, she explained that there are not enough tutors for social science majors. She is encouraging tutors who took social science classes to participate in this service and is offering them more hours. She would also hire more tutors for next quarter if needed. Then I asked her about the hiring procedure. She said that after reviewing all the applications, she would choose qualified candidates, start interviewing them, and decide who will be hired based on their abilities and personality. Finally, she shared some information about the upcoming tutor training sessions. Ms. Greco and Ms. Tracy McDonald - Director of the LRC, are constructing a survey for tutors to ask them what topics should be cover during the tutor training sessions and inviting guest speakers to come and give a speech about how to work with tutees...

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