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Manager Of Care In A Nursing Perspective Montgomery County Community College Nur 112 Essay

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Manager of Care Role Experience

Management in nursing has become increasingly demanding. The role of nurse managers has undergone significant change as nurse managers have taken on more administrative roles. Clinical nurse managers are responsible for directing, organizing and supervising the work of LPNS, and certified nursing assistants. They also coordinate nursing efforts to ensure that effective patient care is being provided and that quality standards are met. Nurses as managers of care also have the responsibility of reporting information to the upper management that can help the overall quality care of the patients. Setting priorities is an essential and critical thinking skill and this is perhaps one of the most critical skills in good time management. As a new nurse in a manager of care role I would try not to focus on one problem at the time but the whole scenario that should help me prioritize. I will use the nursing process to assess patients to help define their needs, establish interventions and implement a plan of care for patients.
As a manager of care I will complete the highest priority task by first assessing clients that require immediate nursing intervention, such anything that can threat patients immediate survival or safety. If no life-threating problem exists, I would use professional judgment and the nursing progress to determine the day’s priorities. I...

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