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Manager's Attitude Effects Employees Essay

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Line managers’ attitudes and behaviors influence the effectiveness of work-life balance policy and employee work-life balance experience. As traditional linear career paths change, the responsibility of managers in applying HRM practices and adopting new HRM policy has become greater than before. In a study examining the relationship between line manager behavior, perceived HRM practices, and individual performance, the findings showed that line managers play a significant role in implementing and enacting HRM policy. (Alfes, Truss, Soane, Rees & Gatenby, 2013). In daily human resources operations, the work-life supportive culture of company is directly reflected in the managers’ attitudes ...view middle of the document...

163). For example, one common mistake for managers is giving unfair performance evaluation to employees who use flexible work program. According to a study about “how passive face time affects perception of employees”, some managers use the observation of passive face time to evaluate employees. Therefore, even though the physical presence is not relevant to actual productivity, it can affect employees’ raises, promotions and job security (Elasbach, Sherman & Cable, 2010, p. 755). In the other hand, the employees who have fewer work-life issues and less demand for WLB program may consider manager’s positive attitudes and behaviors unfair. In the study “Clarifying Work-Family intervention Processes: The Roles of Work-Family Conflict and Family-Supportive Supervisor Behaviors”, authors found that employee with low role conflict may have negative reaction to the work-family support policy that take company and managers’ attention (Hammer, Kossek, Anger, Bodner & Zimmerman, 2011, p. 143). The employees with low role conflict may require equal attention and assistant from the supportive managers. Therefore, as an innovative method of management, WLB program is a challenge and an opportunity for line managers who directly implement and monitor the policy. To ensure the success of WLB program, HR department should provide support and training for line managers who are not professionals in HRM and lack of knowledge regarding implementation of HRM policy. According to a study about how flexible work practices affect the employee’s career success, authors found that managerial training is an effective tool to ensure the flexible work program to be a career premium. Managers...

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