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Managerial And Organizational Behavior Office Space: A Case Study

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AbstractThere are four major influences that can impact an organization's structure. With the movie Office Space as an example, the way employees handle change, paradigms, power, and politics will be analyzed. Theories will be cited of what techniques can be initiated to ensure effective organizational management and behavior. Office Space is a great example of irrational management and bizarre human behavior. The executives at the fictitious company in the movie, Initech, do not demonstrate successful managerial organizational skills. Great respect is paid to the impact that organizational change can encompass.Managerial and Organizational BehaviorOffice Space: A Case StudyOrganizational ...view middle of the document...

When word gets out that they are coming, the employees start to wonder who will be the first to go.Peter Gibbons is a software engineer who spends his days updating bank software to remedy the then-expected Y2K disaster. His co-workers include Samir Nayanajaad, who complains that no one in the US can pronounce his name correctly; Michael Bolton, who is angry that he shares his name with the real-life pop singer whom he hates; and Milton Waddams, a soft-spoken, fixated collator who mumbles to himself incessantly-most notably about his co-workers borrowing his stapler-and is repeatedly harassed by management, especially the callous vice president Bill Lumbergh. Lumbergh is Peter's nemesis - a stereotypical corporate middle-manager who spends most of his time wandering the office with a coffee mug in hand, wearing white-collared shirts, suspenders and a belt, and emotionlessly micromanages his employees while engaging them with trivial small talk.Peter finds himself stressed, burned out, and ineffective. He feels that he will likely be first on the Bobs' downsizing list. Fortunately for him, something unusual happens during an occupational hypnotherapy session urged upon him by his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend Anne. The obese therapist suddenly dies of a heart attack before he can snap, or unhypnotize, Peter out of a state of complete relaxation. The newly relaxed and still half-hypnotized Peter announces that he will not work anymore. He will instead pursue his lifelong dream of doing nothing, and finally ask out Joanna, a waitress he's long wanted to date. During his interview with the Bobs, Peter unconditionally speaks his mind about the absurdity of his job and of how Initech is run. The Bobs interpret Peter's candor, easy-going attitude, and lack of regard for his job, as evidence that he is unmotivated in his current position and thus a prime candidate for a managerial position. Much to his surprise, and Lumbergh's dismay, Peter receives a promotion while his friends Samir and Michael, two of the department's best employees, are scheduled to be fired.There are many factors that influence the work behavior in Office Space. Many of these attributes are present in non-fictional organizations as well. The way we handle change, paradigms, power, and political behavior, will all affect the way a department or company will run. I feel the way we react to change is the biggest issue. Change occurs every day, at work and at home; although, sometimes we are not conscious of it. Sometimes it is not significant enough to make a drastic impact.Managing ChangeOrganizations are changing nearly daily. It has become the standard in most organizations (Nelson, Quick, 2006). The presence of continuous change appears to be the only constant in organizational life today. One area that continues its transformation of organizations is the design itself. The way in which companies are configured today is changing (Buhler, 2000). Change can be as dramatic as downsizing...

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