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The purpose of this report is to explore how managerial communication theory can be implemented in today’s business marketplace. This will also explore the how the communication climate in an organization can increase effective communication.
A large part of managerial communication centers around the ability to strategically approach each situation where communicating is required. This approach can be viewed like an onion; you have to peel away the layers to get to the core or the strategy. The first and outermost layer includes climate and culture in which communication takes place. The communication strategy must be consistent with the context of national and organizational cultures. The second layer involves the sender, receiver and purpose of the message. The third message includes the message, channel environment, and time of communication (Geraldine E. Hynes, 2011, p 41).
Located in the first layer along with culture, is the communication climate. Geraldine E. Hynes (2011) explains how past communication can have a cumulative effect on the climate in the work place. This is influenced by the open or closed, trusting or secretive way communication is conducted in an organization (p 28). The Chicago Tribune provides an example of how the communication climate of Emkay, a large fleet leasing company, affects the company’s employees.
Robert Channick (2011) reports, “Launched out of a Chicago Chevrolet dealership 65 years ago, Emkay has evolved into one the nation's largest fleet-leasing companies, with $600 million in annual sales. Ranked fourth among small businesses in the survey, the privately held firm was rated tops in overall communication, keeping its 150 employees abreast of the company's progress” (Emkay's common objectives, para. 6). Channick goes on to explain how the company holds regular meetings keeping their employees abreast of the most current state of the company. In fact they even keep a real time ticker of the company’s internal stock in the lobby. It appears this environment of openness is exactly what the company wants, "It's a significant focal point for the organization," said Chief Executive Greg Tepas, 38. "You can accomplish more together if everyone is driving towards those common objectives and understands why you're doing it and how you're going to do it." (as cited in Channick, 2011, Emkay’s common objectives, para 7)
The communication climate of Emkay is being influenced by openness and trust. Maintaining this climate does not come without challenges, in-fact it can be difficult to juggle work and open communication. Coming from a rival fleet management company four years ago was an adjustment for Dave Nagy, 53, senior vice president of operations. "It was a big change," he said. "A lot of organizations talk about communication, but when everybody gets busy, it's always easy to find that excuse, because something is perceived to be more important." While time-consuming, the payoff — a fully engaged workforce...

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