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Managerial Roles Essay

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-Running Head: MANAGERIAL ROLES AND SKILLSManagerial Roles and SkillsAbstractThe essay is about the roles, work, and skills of a manager and the processes that are used throughout in order to evaluate their performance. Based on the internationalization of the companies, industries, and economies, has changed the face of business world. Pervasive over the last several decades, the operation of managers is facing multifariousness. They pursue their management under different economic conditions, procuring materials and components in global markets, and are confronted with challenges that new, foreign rivals produce. In brief, managers at different levels and under different situations may have different functions, roles and skills.Managerial Roles and SkillsIntroductionBased on the internationalization, the companies, industries, and economies has changed the business world. Pervasive over the last several decades, the operation of managers is facing multifariousness. They pursue their management under different economic conditions, procuring materials and components in global markets, and are confronted with challenges that new, foreign rivals produce. In brief, managers at different levels and under different situations may have different functions, roles and skills.DiscussionA manager is considered as one of the most important members any organization can afford. Without a manager, the office can become a complete mess. The senior level officials make their most responsible and dedicated employee as their manager. As the name suggests the manager has to take up his job real seriously and diligently. "He is appointed in this position not only to cope up with the coworkers but also provide valuable ideas that can help any business reach new heights. Plus he is the one to act responsibly to become a future leader" (John & Joe; 2002). A manager can not be made in a day or limited time frame. To be a successful manager requires time and temperament, going through the process of systematic training and other developmental activities. These trainings should be provided by the organizations within. Depending on the level of managers, i.e. top-level, middle-level, or supervisory-level, need specific set of skill to have a successful career."Henry Mintzberg was the first person to sit down with the five CEO's and after a live study thereof, implemented ten golden managerial roles" (Henry; 2003). He further classified these ten tasks or roles into three groups i.e. interpersonal, informational, and decisional. These groups reflected on the job managerial behaviors; a manager in any organization should be going through. "In order for them to be effective in their jobs and act in specific ways while interacting with others in the course of performing the four management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling". (Harold & Heinz; 2006).The human or interpersonal relation skill means the capability to effort in the company of,...

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