Managers Choice : The Robin Hood Way!

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There were several options which were facing robin as and when he went for the stroll.1) What should he do next? Was the primary question nagging him?He wanted vengeance. However, everything comes at a price. Killing the sheriff will not solve his problems. As death of the person was not the objectives he set out with. His primary objective or" Mission Statement" was to change the administration. This was tackled by means which he believed were correct. Fighting oppression and fighting for the poor was what Robin Hood and his merry men were doing, however, as with any organization, as and when they grow popular, they grow big.Adding on a steady work force, with the same commitment, and vision as he, was not the issue, the issue was did he need the extra hands. The added expenditure, in terms of man power did not add value to his team. His team was already functioning well, the extra peoples added strain to his resources. His organization of merry men was growing "FAT". The men were getting lethargic (Can be equated in terms of vigilance dropping and playing games instead of practicing weapons etc.). Also, the sources of his income were dwindling. This was due to the fact that the farmers and other merchants were taking other roots to their destinations and skirting the forest. This was a key supply of raw materials and money. Faced with a new crisis of a possibility of a shortage of supplies, robin was forced to think of alternatives. An alternate mode of income was suggested, that being of charging a local tax for them to go through the forest. However this was vehemently objected by his band as it went against the "Principles of his band".However a key fact to note at this point of time was that the principle behind him setting up this band was to get the sheriff ousted or replaced. This is a classic example of an organization loosing it focus and looking more and short term gains rather than the long term vision....

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