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Managing A Crisis Using Pr Essay

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RE: GreenergyProactive planning means when a crisis strikes your company is ready to take action immediately. Everyone knows what their role is, what they are suppose to do and say. Planning for a crisis can also help eliminate factors that may cause a crisis, but should a crisis strike you will be able to divert some of the potential damage a crisis could do. If everyone is prepared a crisis may appear as a minor moment. A plan communicates the key strategies of a company if everyone is prepared, the same message will reach the publics and there will be no confusion. Have a crisis management team put together and know who the spokes people will be. Depending ...view middle of the document...

A communicator must get feedback from a receiver to know what messages are or are not getting through and how to structure future communications. When a crisis strikes know that your organization is going to get phone calls and emails. Have only the crisis team handle these events. A press conference in the situation of Greenergy would probably be a good idea. If media stories continue to show the company in a bad light holding "town hall" meetings with the public might not be a bad idea. Feedback will be given at these meeting from the public. Make sure the spokes person has someone there to take notes and publish those questions and answer to your company website.What not to do in this situation that Greenergy found itself in is not to tell the truth, being honest with the publics is essential. Hoping the crisis will go away, lying, being partial honest or not comment is the exact way not to handle a crisis. You have to make sure you have communicated with everyone in the company, all employees you can leave no one out. This helps keep the morale of the company high. Doing nothing or having minimal communicates is something you do not what to do it will look like you do not care or have something to hide. A company must be ethical and credible to enhance the profitability of any company.

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