Managing A Crisis Using Public Relations Simulation

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A definition of crisis, by the Institute for Crisis Management (ICM), is "a significant business disruption that stimulates extensive news media coverage" (Center et al, 2003, pg. 321). Political, legal, financial, and governmental are all impacts of public scrutiny during a crisis (Center et al, 2003, pg. 321). "Managing a Crisis using PR" simulation illustrates the use of public relations to develop a public relations plan and how to use various tools to manage a crisis. The simulation also helps the reader to formulate strategies to manage a crisis and make the most effective decisions and use the best PR tools to communicate with the publics. In the Greenenergy simulation, there were many ineffectual methods to deploying a proactive crisis plan.Proactive PlanningAs public relations professionals need to understand the function of proactive planning. Proactive planning allows for an organization to be prepared "just in case" an incident occurs. It gives an organization time to formulate calculated responses to a variety of probably scenarios. A proactive company attempts to form the public opinions of the corporation and do damage control to prepare for a reactive approach when deemed necessary. An organization must have a proactive crisis management plan as soon as it has an initial business plan.Some ways to be ineffective is to confuse public relations with marketing and waste valuable time and assets on marketing as opposed to allocating resources for a proactive crisis plan. Using non-optimal tools will also waste time and resources. For example, putting together a video release as opposed to holding a press conference; in the Greenenergy case, a press conference gives the media a chance to ask questions and give the company an opportunity to have their statement on the record. A video release would have wasted a great deal of valuable time. Other ways to ineffectively execute a crisis plan is to avoid the situation, lie or withhold the truth; if the truth does come out the company will lose all credibility. Improper communication with the company's publics is also ineffective. Communication helps the company continue to runs smoothly during a crisis.Feedback and DeploymentFeedback mechanisms are needed during a crisis and would be set up using a system for polls and surveys. This would...

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616 words - 2 pages efficiently as possible is the best way to deal with any rumor, get the truth out, and began restoration of the organization's image.ReferencesSeitel, F. (2004). The Practice of Public Relations (9th ed.). Upper Saddle, New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Retrieved July 22, 2007, from University of Phoenix, rEsource, MKT438-Public Relations Course Web site.University of Phoenix. (2007). Managing a crisis using pr [Computer Software].Retrieved July 22, 2007, from University of Phoenix, resource, Simulation, MKT438-Public Relations Course Web site.

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