Managing A Culturally Diverse Workforce Essay

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In today’s ever changing and highly integrated world, corporations have a growing need to hire and maintain an exceedingly diverse and multicultural workforce. With increasing globalization, multinational corporations have a great advantage as they have an opportunity to work in different cultures and take advantage of a diverse pool of skills. However, there is a major cost of working in a different culture. Various issues arise when managing a culturally diverse workforce and the management needs to tackle the problems effectively. It is important to have an idea of different cultures as it helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of the employees. However, there are many issues when we are conducting cross-cultural analysis. These issues arise because of our lack of understanding of other cultures and at times, we are ignorant about our own culture. This can result in confusion about other cultures and we fail to understand that completely. This is a very serious issue that needs to be identified and resolved, as it is results in serious distortions about the cultures we are trying to understand. The paper will highlight various theoretical and practical cross-cultural management issues and will include various recommendations to solve these problems.

The term culture is versatile and can be explained as a broad idea or concept. It is difficult to explain the term with a single definition, however, It can be defined as a set of values which define a way of life for the individuals and the society. It explains what is good or bad and right or wrong in a particular society. Thus, culture is a value system, which provides the ways of perceiving people, thinking patterns and the social aspects of an individual’s life and it’s relation with the society. Understanding culture is a process and it is important to know that culture is embedded in the context and culture cannot be fully understood without considering context.

At this point, it is also important to know the basic definition of cross cultural management issues. If we dissect the term, we can say that cross-cultural refers to dealing with or comparing two or more cultures. Therefore, in simple terms, it means managing issues, which arise when comparing two or more cultures. These issues can range from simple stereotyping to complex cultural paradoxes. It is essential to find out these issues and highlight possible recommendations, as cross-cultural management is a growing field in this era.

Cross-cultural training poses many problems, which need to be rectified as they continue to lead to further related issues. One of the most important problems, which arise in cross-cultural training, is cultural paradox. This simple means that a person growing in a particular society has a specific perception about another society. If he sees any contradictory actions in that other society, he refers to that as cultural paradox. For...

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