Managing An Event Role Of An Events Planner/Organiser Sussex Coast College Assignment

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Unit 4 – Managing an event – Jessica Christie -
Introduction –
In this report I will be explaining the roles of events planner, organiser and manager and justifying how they job roles relate to what I have achieved and areas of improvement.
P1 – Explain the role and skills required to be an effective events planner
An event planner is someone who coordinates all aspects of professional meetings and events. They often choose meeting locations, arrange transportation, and coordinate other details.
Part of the Events Planner role is the Pre-Event duties these are the logistic behind the event they are planning making sure that everything is ready for when the event day arrives.
Pre-Event Duties
Event planners collaborate with their clients to determine the reason and scope of an event. The client communicates with the planner to establish the time and location and they both work together to work out the budget for the event. The event planner will need to draw up a contract for their client to make sure that they are legally ensured; though the client has the final say on the location, services and features.
· Theme - The event planner will need to find out the theme for the event identifying the message and the tone of the event to get a better understanding. By understanding the theme of the event the planner will be able to put into perspective the scale of the event and will ultimately help with calculating the budget for the event.
· Feasibility - The event planner will need to work out if the event itself will be able to be pulled off before going any further with the planning stage. The planner will also need to think about any restriction or complications their might be moving forward or if their will need to be any special facilities that might be needed at the event itself for example if you are serving food is there any people coming that have any allergies that will need separate catering for.
· Venues and Locations - The event planner will from knowing the theme of the event will be able to think about the best location for the event and the right event venue that is best suited. When planning the location they will need to think of the parking for the event making sure that there is enough space for all of the attendee and getting people to reserve spaces before the event. The planner will also need to know the capacity of the venue ensuring that there is enough room for what needs to happen in the event. Most importantly the event planner will need to make sure the event venue that they are looking at is not booked for the date and time that they are wanting to book it out for.
· Travel and accommodation - The event planner will be need to ensure guarantee that all of the attendees are able to travel to and from the event. If the attendee can get to the event then the planner will need to think of booking a minibus or another form of transport to help the attendee when it comes to getting to the event. If the attendees can't get...

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