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The Importance Of Correct Management And Communicating

1481 words - 6 pages

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Significance of communication
3. Working in an organisation
4. Communicating with stakeholders
5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

In this report I will talk about the significance of communication, about the benefits of working in an organisation, the importance of effective communication between management and stakeholders. How communication make an organisation or a project to attain goals, to be famous, about the impact of the stakeholders in an organisation and how they influence the development of a project.

2. Significance of communication

Communication plays an important role in establishing relationships. If you communicate, you can share your aspirations, interests and concerns to organise your life, to make decision and the most important aspect, help you to be in contact with others, to give and receive advices, to share your emotions, feelings and very important is that you can make friends. Effective communication is important in the workplace because you can create a friendly atmosphere. It helps increasing the production and yield which lead to the success of the business. Some things that prevent effective communication are: irony, hearsay, and bad temper. Effective communication can be described as communication that is significant and successful at creating good relations between people.

3. Working in an organisation

If you work in an organisation you have a lot of advantages. Teamwork involves different people and different groups across your business working together to develop their competence to reach a common goal.
Teamwork encourages employees to take a big responsibility for making decision and also allows team members to manage more of the work process. This can guide to improve the work atmosphere and it will increase the desired of employees over the projects they are working on.
Teamwork can help companies to be more flexible by bringing employees from different parts of a project together into one team.
You can work with different people, from other nationalities; these things are beneficial because different people bring different perspectives and opinions about any given issue. Different cultures have different traditions, habits, and ways of working. For example a black manager and a white manager working together on a problem and each of them comes with a different idea, so they can get to have good results, it is the way they can attain goals. Working in an organisation at workplace you can improve your language skill; you can have new solutions to any difficult problem and also attain goals. An organization that is sure about its objectives and effectively meets them will be recognized as such by stakeholders. All organizations have stakeholders that have to take into account when working out for a project. Most stakeholders are the customers. The general worry of a customer is quality and the price of the...

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