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Running head: OVERVIEW OF MANAGEMENTOverview of ManagementUniversity of PhoenixManaging The Business EnterpriseThis paper will identify the primary functions of management its correlating responsibility at Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler), while explaining how technology and the Internet are currently utilized and the affects to its management. This paper will also discuss the management functions using the Porter's Five-Forces Model. There are many factors that affect the success or failure of an organization, that main factor is the strength of its management. A successful manager will incorporate these strengths into the primary functions of management.Overview of ManagementManagement Functions and ResponsibilitiesAccording to Gomez-Mejia and Balkin (2002), there are three levels of management: "strategic managers, the senior executives with overall responsibility for the firm; tactical managers responsible for implementing the directives of strategic managers; and operational managers responsible for day-to-day supervision." Kudler's executive leadership is made up of the President; Kathy Kudler, whom is responsible for the overall operation and success of the company. The Director of Finance and Accounting; Harvey Stephens is responsible for planning and directing all finance and accounting activities. Some essential duties are: the implementation of goals and policies related to financial management, budget, accounting and payroll. Harvey is also responsible for managing the Accounting Clerks and Computer Support Specialists. The Director of Store Operations is Yvonne Reynolds; responsible for the operational management of all stores, to include safety, facility maintenance, security, and compliance with state and federal regulations. Essential duties include supervising the Purchasing and Inventory Managers. The Director of Administration and Human Resources is Brenda Wagner. Some of her responsibilities are to develop policies, direct and coordinate the administrative and human resources activities to include employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, training, and employee services. Brenda is responsible for managing the Human Resource and Administrative Assistants. Finally, there are the Store Managers, whom report directly to the president and whose responsibilities are to manage one of three store locations. At the store level, the managers have leadership responsibilities to the Assistant Store Managers, Department Managers, whom are responsible for the day-to-day operations of their departments, cashiers, baggers, stockers and clerks. (Apollo Group 2004)Technology and the InternetAll of Kudler's stores are networked and connected to a central file and database server and Point of Sale transactions are handled by a Novell server and workstations. The stores have online access using a 56k Modem to communicate. Kudler utilizes the internet to have a corporate presence to attract new...

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