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Motorola Company is a great company having penetrated in the United States market and hence had a fair market share. However, some wrangles had led to Motorola losing its glory where its customers left it, complaints increased and it was moving very slowly in digital production. Motorola had a very bad culture that involved internal rivalry and internal competition. Divisions within the company used to compete with each other instead of working together in their investments and exchange ideas in production. Their culture was too much of engineering driven and Galvin the chief executive officer of the company felt that this culture was not in line with the goals and vision of the company (Georgia, 1998).
A change was needed and Galvin was working furiously to get Motorola back on its feet. Motorola needed to be resurrected so that it could be recognized as much as the customers fancied it in the past. Galvin wanted to ensure divisions within the company cooperated to produce something of great worth. He wanted to discourage the culture of internal competition. Galvin wanted to improve the performance of the company as a whole. He started changing the culture by paying executives basing the reward on the performance of the company as a whole and not in terms of divisions. Galvin also ensured the sales people served people to their best. Galvin was ready to change this culture to a state of even restructuring the company. He restructured the company to discourage any internal competition whatsoever. His main objective was to consolidate all the activities and operations of Motorola into three categories. These groups would include a communications department which would bring together wireless equipment, radios, modems and cell phones. His major target for doing all this was to promote coordination of business plans in communication teams and discourage any rivalry between them. This would also lower costs of developments. In previous days divisions used to compete and completely refused to cooperate. They used to have what they called “warring tribes” (Georgia, 1998). This was a culture that Galvin had a long way to remove in...

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4488 words - 18 pages , Victoria.Nankervis, A., Compton, R. and Baird, M. (2002), Strategic human resource management, 4th ed, Thomson, Singapore.Nicolaides, C. (2002), Focus on soft skills: A leadership wake-up call, Available:, (Accessed: 2004, April 8).Robbins, S.P. (2002), Essential of organizational behavior, 6th ed, Prentice Hall. New Jersey.Sarantos, S.T. (1994), Managing change by creating a synergistic environment, World Wide Web ed

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932 words - 4 pages , 37-41.Bridges, W.M. (1991), Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA.Guzzo, R.A., Noonan, K.A. and Elron, E. (1994), Expatriate managers and the psychological contract, Journal of Applied Psychology, 79(4), 617-26.Levinson, H. (1976), Psychological Man, Cambridge, MA: The Levinson Institute.Makin, P., Cooper, C. and Cox, C. (1997), Psychological contracts, Executive Excellence, 14(3), 13-14.Maurer, R. (1996

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