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Managing Conflict Through Communication Essay

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Not every person is going to get along on a daily basis, and in a confined space. There’s going to be conflicts in every environment especially in the workplace where most people spend the greater part of the day. Conflict is hard to define because every situation is different, it could be either tangible or intangible in the case of feelings. Conflict resolution is a task not easily handled, and it can be really disparaging if not properly taken care of when it is identified.
Workplace conflict can be caused by various factors, and can cause a great deal of stress for all those involved. We as human beings have different beliefs, and share different opinions on ideas. We also work and communicate differently, and in the different environments work, community and home that leaves room for disagreements. Conflict is often thought of as negativity, but it can enlighten the environment once resolved in the correct manner. Something as simple as difference in personalities can cause a major conflict in the workplace.
Culture is one of the most common conflict situations in the workplace and can be caused by different cultures and assumptions of each employee, that can amount to well over one-hundred different cultures in any one workplace in a metropolitan area of any big city in the United States. People from different cultures often have different mindsets from those that are of cultures different from theirs. Each culture may even have a sub-culture, this further dilutes the conflict. Some people value work more than others and some are more motivated than others and this causes conflict on the job.
Work Related Conflict
Gelfand, Keller, & de Dreu (2012) asked the question “why do some organizations develop cultures in which conflict is managed productively, whereas others have cultures in which members consistently work against one another, sabotaging each other in and out of the boardroom?”
The work-related conflict that I will address is difference in leadership styles. Leaders have different ways of leading their teams, and employees have to deal with different leaders throughout any given day. Employees can become confused and irritated with the variation of leaders and how they lead. My cultural upbringing and personality did not allow me question authority, that was until I moved further along in my professional career and I must admit some of the culture of the United States has rubbed off on me.
My example, involves the culture of the current organization I am with and the lack of strong leadership within the different groups I have to interact with. One leader is more open and inclusive, and I can approach them with concerns that we can solve with just one meeting, while my direct superior is very indecisive and avoids taking a stand for what I consider the smallest of decisions, and will prolong the inevitable with meeting after meeting and will send me off to other individuals when there is no need...

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