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The face of the business world is changing and with that change come new management issues for those individuals leading organizations. Businesses are faced with a global marketplace, information and knowledge management, electronic business via the Internet, diversity in staffing and educated consumers. This leads managers to face certain challenges as they try to carry out management functions. Additionally, the typical organizational structure has changed to match the growing needs of their staff and customers. How does management handle these new contemporary management issues? This is the foundation which the simulation “Handling Contemporary Management Issues” presents as it guides the user through changes of the Amberzan’s Nationale Poste (governmental postal service). The simulation has the user make optimal choices in three segments. The choices made assist in identifying the different forces of change, how to anticipate change and lastly, how to implement change in order to stay competitive in the market.Simulation OverviewThe Amberzan government recently liberalized the economy. With this new liberalization, the National Poste, has started to lose market share in the delivery service market. Other couriers are taking over market share within Amberzan. These competitors have more flexibility to respond to market changes and offer a wide variety of services. The National Poste needs to act quickly in order to survive this changing competitive situation. They need to identify what is driving the changes and how they can respond to those changes.In the first segment, the user is given a budget of 90,000 to purchase relevant information that would help analyze the situation and define the forces behind the changes in the market. The right information would need to provide a clear view of the competitive landscape. The optimal choice is to buy specific business information, which provides data on competition, supplier power, and buyer power within the industry. It also needs to provide information on the constraints for planning and industry variables that will affect the organization and the implementation of change. Additionally, comprehensive industry information can help shape the organization’s change management plans. Customized research on customer preferences and the competition can be valuable for anticipating and implementing change. Another positive impact this type of information can have is providing an understanding how the competition is addressing the need. The right choices of information can be very useful if the company would like to launch a new service or product offering.In the second segment, the user is asked to identify current problem areas within the National Poste. Based on the information provided it is concluded that the National Poste had not focused on developing new and improved products and providing value added services to their customers. Secondly, their logistics and operations areas...

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