Managing Cultural Diversity In Business Are Ads Tools For Cultural Invasion ? An Asian Perspective Of Gloabalization

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Index•Executive summary•Assumption•Introduction•Asian advertising market•Advertising strategies•Reasons for the differencesoHistorical reasonsoEconomic reasonsoCulture reasonsoPolitical reasons•Hofstedes cultural dimensions•FindingsoEnteroCaptureoConquer•Conclusion•ReferencesExecutive SummaryAccording to our study, it can be seen that advertisements are not only designed for attracting attention but also can be used as tools for taking over the culture in other words invasion.With globalization occurring rapidly, western companies have found a reason to move into the developing Asian markets. While doing so they understand the local culture prevailing within these areas.Initially they use basic cultural values residing in the society and use them for their benefit to enter into the local market.Upon entry these Western companies start to incorporate their cultures as messages through advertisements, thereby changing the mindset of the local Asian people.This eventually leads to their benefit thereby creating a society with individuals who are tuned towards their consumerism and in all ways westernized.AssumptionGrowing similarities in advertising styles between Western and Asian countries.IntroductionGlobalization in general can be defined as the acceleration and intensification of economic interaction among the people, companies and governments of different nations. Globalization in most cases is welcomed by people as it offers them access to products that they would not have otherwise. In fact globalization increases the availability of foreign made consumer products, which has actually lead to the exposure of all societies to foreign culture. This in other words is being called as Americanization. The process of Americanization is rapidly growing in developing nations such as China and India and this is because of the fact that the more western companies are moving into these markets. These nations have immense potential, supported by the fact that most of the population here belong to the middle class which attracts these western markets towards them. Above all the local markets within the western companies have become saturated, driving them to these Asian markets. However to enter these Asian markets western companies have to first understand the culture and then communicate according to it. Communication is nothing but conveying a message, which is difficult when people are of diverse cultures(Vysotska 1995).So how do the companies communicate? The answer is they use advertisements as a mode of communication. Advertisements are nothing but activities that are being or can be used for attracting public attention. In general advertisements can be called as a form of social communication which can be used to shape or affect the values of the consumer over time. Advertisement themes differ according to culture, especially between Western and Asian.The main purpose behind the case study is to...

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