Managing Diversity: Women At Work Essay

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Introduction:Gender equality in work place has still not found wide spread acceptability. In general, people are genuinely surprised to encounter a female mechanic or a female bus driver Tharenou (1998) reports finding that because "women are stereotyped as unsuitable for executive roles, do not fit into male dominated organisational cultures and do not have the networks needed, they have few opportunities to advance".Gender Stereotyping:Research suggests that women workers despite being better qualified and equally experienced then their male colleagues, take longer to advance to senior levels (Wood & Lindorff, 1998). According to Williams (2000) the number of women completing undergraduate study equal men, but continue to be unrepresented in postgraduate research.In examining gender-based differences in promotion seeking and achievement, Edgly (1987, in Wood & Lindorff, 1998) introduces the concept of 'social role theory', which proposes that "differences in attitudes could occur because of the different socialization experiences of males and females". Gender roles are formed through shared societal expectations about how an individual should behave and the qualities they should possess (Edgly, 1987 in Wood & Lindorff, 1998).Gender differences have been reported in personality traits. Men express and are stereotyped in masculine traits such as "decisive, independent, masterful, assertive, rational, objective, self-confident and self-competent" (Eagly, 1987; Heilman, 1997 in Tharenou 1998:7). Marshall (1997, in Wood & Lindorff 1998) argued that females exhibit feminine 'communal' type traits such as caring and nurturing, interpersonal sensitivity, cooperation, interdependence and emotional expressiveness.Women in workforce:Tharenou (1998) notes that women who do occupy senior mangers and executives positions tend to work in "female-dominated industries such as community services" or hold positions emphasising feminine qualities such as...

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1743 words - 7 pages In this paper we explore previous literature on the subject of managing diversity. We begin by looking at the various definitions of diversity. An analysis of the arguments found in the literature for, and against, workplace diversity is then presented. We then look at the results of empirical research conducted to examine the affects of diversity on organisational performance. A number of cases are included to illustrate real world examples to

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3634 words - 15 pages full potential (Schein, 1985). At its best, it means getting from employees not only everything an organization has a right to expect, but everything they have to offer. Managing diversity requires that line managers learn a new way. They are asked to spend less time "doing" the work and more time enabling employees to do the work (Schein, 1985). Managing diversity defines diversity broadly; it addresses the many ways employees are

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1362 words - 5 pages 9.7% men living alone. People come in all styles. Some differences are based on cultural differences, some are gender differences, some are socialization related and some are genetic. There are different elements in managing diversity, which if fully implemented, will remove barriers. Value diversity while ensuring your assumptions don't create barriers. Make full use of ideas, talents, experiences, and perspectives of all employees at

hrm Equal opportunity policies can be seen as an attempt to eradicate consideration of social differences from organizational decision-making using bureaucratic means”

1243 words - 5 pages advantage (Bendick & Egan, 2003) advised the men is anticipated to on the average older; be additional dominated by women; to possess additional employees operating part-time; and additionally shrink significantly in thirty years. As a result of these changes, organizations got to adopt to the case. so managing diversity is reasonably necessity.In conclusion managing diversity emerged in 1980s as a results of demographic trends and also the

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1259 words - 5 pages Diversity in the workplace is a subject that has gained increased attention in the workplace over the past few years. After all, the impact of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity programs on the nation's work force is undeniable. Women and minorities were the first to dramatically alter the face of the economic mainstream, while gays, persons with disabilities and senior citizens followed not far behind. The result is a diverse

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2209 words - 9 pages , challenges and responsibilities, February, 2006, pp. 43- 50.Hughes, J.C. (1999) The Use of Case Studies to Enhance Diversity Management Effectiveness, Council for Hospitality Research Conference, University of Surrey, Guildford, April.Kandola, R. and Fullerton, J. (1998) Managing the Mosaic: Diversity in Action (2nd ed.). London, IPD.Managing People in the Hospitality Industry, Module 3173. Reading Pack (2002) Managing Diversity: Women at work, pp. 109

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2249 words - 9 pages (2009): 235-251. Business Source Premier. Web. 26 Nov. 2013. 2.) Managing Diversity at Work Singh, Barjinder, Doan E. Winkel, and T. T. Selvarajan. "Managing Diversity At Work: Does Psychological Safety Hold The Key To Racial Differences In Employee Performance?." Journal Of Occupational & Organizational Psychology 86.2 (2013): 242-263. Business Source Premier. Web. 26 Nov. 2013. 3.) Managing ‘Difference’: Understanding Age Diversity in Practice

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1377 words - 6 pages parts of an organisation to enable them to work together (Goold and Cambell 1987). At the organisational level of analysis, the management of workforce diversity has been linked to learning and identified as critical issue for organisational performance.Literature ReviewMany people have defined diversity in different ways.It is an understanding that there are differences among employees & that difference, if properly managed, are an asset to work

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2218 words - 9 pages that necessitate managing diversity at all. It can be managed by creating an organizational culture that supports workforce diversity and that involves several important elements. These elements include a needs analysis, administrative and management support and commitment, education and training, culture and management systems changes and continuous follow-up and evaluation. I believe that we should involve our selves by creating an

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4076 words - 16 pages , 2001, p. 13). Diversity in the work place has generally been thought of as purely an employment equity issue. However, diversity is coming to be recognized as an asset which can, like any other asset that is well managed, contribute to the bottom line. Diversity is growing almost as quickly as the number of software vendors at an accounting convention (Talbot-Allen, 2001, p. 3)One of the best definitions for diversity I have come across says

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1248 words - 5 pages . Therefore, managing diversity appropriately is critical for any successful business (Clayton, 2010). Clayton states that the main goal of most organizations is to increase profit while holding or reducing costs. One way that organizations can achieve this goal is by creating High Performing Teams, where employees are proud to be a part of their work team and are willing to give discretionary effort to achieve and exceed the goals of the company

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1791 words - 7 pages and women want Affirmative Action to be eliminated because they feel stigmatized by it. In addition, most white males feel they are at a disadvantage because of it ("Managing Diversity", 1999). Affirmative Action has increased diversity through a government-imposed program. On one side, there are charges of reverse discrimination. On the other, there are feelings of forced assimilation and stigmatization. "Basically, it teaches the dominant group