Managing Ethical Behaviour In Construction Companies In Malaysia

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Title: Managing ethical behaviour in construction organizations, integrating ethics into construction, professional ambivalence towards ethics in the construction industry

Managers want to understand why employees behave ethically or unethically in the organization and what influences this behaviour. Ethics is necessary because by it people are able to position themselves. Effective management of ethical behaviour requires organizations ensuring both their managers and employees know how to deal with ethical issues. The construction industry is plagued with a number of problems. One of these pressing problems is the unethical behaviour of professionals in construction ...view middle of the document...

There is an agreement and a growing assent inside and outside the construction industry that corruption and other unethical practices are endemic in the construction industry (Ameh and Odusami, 2010). Ethics in construction mirror the tenets of values-based leadership, stressing the need for shared values, integrity in the bidding and contracting processes, common understanding of professional practice, partnering, balancing of risks with financial rewards, and the building of long-term trusting relationships (Moylan, 2008).Ethical violations in construction are never on the front page of the newspaper, but they happen every day.
Definition of ethics
Ethics is generally defined as a system of moral principles, by which human actions and proposals may be judged good or bad, right or wrong; and the rules of conduct recognized in respect of a particular class of human actions. Ethics is defined as the moral principles by which a person is guided. Ethics is something that done every day it is not only about long words and dilemmas but is about people: people with different views, value and experiences. It is a way to know that your beliefs are valuable, and stand by that value, and respect other people values (Hendrick, 2008). Ethics defined as the discipline dealing with what are good and bad about moral duty and obligation.
Professional ethics in the construction industry
Professional ethics is a system of behavior norms, such norms related to the employment of the particular knowledge and so, largely, concern the relationship between experts and lay persons so that both the morality and behavior of professionals could be dealt with in their day-to-day practice by this system. The definition of professional ethics recognized by the working party is giving of one’s best to ensure that clients‟ interests are properly cared for, but in doing so the wider public interest is also recognized and respected (Howard, 2000 cited in Abd Rahman, 2008). Vee and Skitmore (2003) said that professional ethics is treating others with the same degree of honesty that they would like to be treated.
The issues of professional ethics within the construction industry affect a wide spectrum of population. The local authorities, public works department, client organizations, consultants, suppliers, contractors, home buyers, and users of public infrastructure, are all within the scope of professional ethics. Concepts and perceptions of professional ethics results from the prolonged professional socialization process during both
College/university and industry training
Unethical behaviour in the Construction industry
The construction industry is classified as the most fraudulent industry worldwide, providing the perfect environment for ethical dilemmas, with its low-price mentality, fierce competition and paper-thin margins (Hamimah, 2012). With regard to the construction industry itself, the ethical considerations which are necessary are required, and to include,...

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